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Piatra Neamt

Judetul Neamt
Piatra Neamt
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Nearest airports to Piatra Neamt are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Bacau Airport (distanced approximately 62 km)
   Imperial Beach NAS Airport (distanced approximately 80 km)
   Suceava Airport (distanced approximately 86 km)
   Iasi Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)
   Havadarya Airport (distanced approximately 120 km)

Key places to visit
Dacian fortress Batca Lady, Princely court, church and bell tower of St. John, Princely court, church and bell tower of St. John, Wooden church in the neighborhood Valeni, Wooden church in the neighborhood Hunters


Places to Visit

Dacian fortress Batca Lady

4 km southwest of the city. The first elements of material culture belonging to the Neolithic Age (phase Cucuteni), over which is a level of housing from the Bronze Age and then layer Daco-Getic. Maximum period of development was between sec. BC and first century AD archaeological accessible only historical monument. The picture's death Decebal historical vestige.

Princely court, church and bell tower of St. John

Located downtown, in Liberty Square, the architectural ensemble consisting of Royal Court, "St. Joan" and bell tower goes back, according to historical sources, during 1468- in 1475, founded by Stephen the Great. Of the Royal Court was preserved only part of the royal house cellars (which is now a museum exhibition) and portions of the enclosure wall. Church built in 1497-1498, Monumental and elegant architectural style is typical Moldovan guy at the time combining rectangular and semicircular arches at trilobate and tower above the nave. Tower, built in 1499 of rough stone and reinforced with four buttresses what slender profile points, has 19 m height. Guard pavilion was added in modern times.

Hermitage Cozla

Located in a clearing on the right bank of Cuiejdiului, toward the north-western district Darmanesti, is characterized by abundant sculptural decoration which are found both inside and out, marking the most important parts of building structure. The best are encrusting on the cornice of the woodwork and roof support.

Wooden church in the neighborhood Valeni

Located in Valeni-Piatra Neamt, Magnolia Street. History: founded by Petru Rares and then Al. Lapusneanul in 1574. Description: Historical and religious architecture built of wood. From architectural point of view, the church can be described unreservedly as one of the best achievements of folk architecture in wood. Entire structure, made of thick pine beams and planks of oak and stone foundation, betray a virtual hand to set in each wall precision, skill and imagination. Is the type churches with simple plan shaped vessel without side Sanur and pentagonal altar, bell being in close proximity to the south. Shingle roof takes the entire structure as a whole, without emphasizing the outside than the presence of the altar.

Wooden church in the neighborhood Hunters

Hunters- Piatra Neamt History: Founded in 1774 by the Abbot of Bisericani Joel. Description: It is made of pine planks on blocks of stone, specific Moldavian style, with a three-cusped plan, and the side apses of the sanctuary is easily pronounced. Porch that extends south and west narthex nave are later additions, and the tower roof blind bulbs, which gives more flexibility but the entire set. Shingle roof, the two waters, with flared edges, round off the side apses and the altar, closing at right angles. Inside the porch and narthex have a plan covering, but the nave rises through an elegant vaulted en Bercea (semicylindrical), held by the iconostasis.

Right Time to Visit

October - December