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Ouro Preto

Minas Geraes
Ouro Preto
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By Plane

The nearest convenient airports are those of Belo Horizonte, especially that of Confins. From there, you must get to Ouro Preto by car or bus.

By Car

    Ouro Preto sits on BR-356 about 120 kilometers southeast of Belo Horizonte and about 18 kilometers west of Mariana.
    Drivers coming from Juiz de Fora and Rio de Janeiro in the south should take BR-040 to Conselheiro Lafaiete, take the Ouro Branco Highway and once in Ouro Branco transfer to state highway MG-443 for the last 12 or so kilometers to Ouro Preto.

By Bus

Buses arrive at the rodoviária on the northwestern edge of town. It is an easy downhill walk into the historic center.

    From Belo Horizonte, by Pássaro Verde  16 departures daily.
    From São Paulo, by Útil , 2 departures daily at 6:45AM and 11:45PM, R$102.
    From Rio de Janeiro, by Útil  One departure daily at 10PM, R$64-100.
    From Vitória, by São Geraldo. 3 departures daily. The ride takes 7 and half hours.
    From Brasília, by Pássaro Verde One departure daily. The ride takes 12 hours.

Key places to visit
Itacolomi State Park, Museum da Inconfidência, Museum de Mineralogia, Museum Aleijadinho, Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pilar, Igreja São Francisco de Paula, Mina da Passagem


Places to Visit

Itacolomi State Park

   Itacolomi State Park Shared by the municipalities of Ouro Preto and Mariana is a park which contains very diverse flora and fauna with many hiking opportunities. The centerpiece of the park, Itacolomi Peak, is a pair of rocks, one huge and one much smaller, which can be seen from hilltops around town. Itacolomi means "the Rock and the Boy" in Tupi-Guarani. For experienced hikers, it is possible to take a difficult 12 km trek through the park to visit the village of Lavras Novas and its nearby waterfalls. Visitors to the park must be accompanied by a guide, which can be arranged in advance by telephone

Museum da Inconfidencia

 This museum is dedicated to the memory of the Inconfidência Mineira, an unsuccessful 1789 revolt against Portuguese rule which was inspired by the American Revolution. The building, itself one of the best extant specimens of colonial baroque architecture, houses the remains of some the revolutionaries, a library and archives, as well as works by artists of the period, including works by Aleijadinho and Manuel da Costa Ataíde

Museum de Mineralogia

 This mineralogy museum has a quite varied collection of minerals from quartz to diamond to uranium, including many rare specimens. Children have free admission.

Museum Aleijadinho

 In this museum Many important works by Aleijadinho are elsewhere in the city, but this small museum has a few gems, including a strikingly life-like bust of Saint Francis of Paola. R$3 (students half-price)

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pilar

     The oldest church in the city was designed by one of Aleijadinho's mentors and completed in 1731 to replace the original main church. Despite the rather stark outward appearance, the interior glistens with almost 1000 pounds of gold and almost 900 pounds of silver. The basement of the church holds the Museum of Sacred Art.

Igreja Sao Francisco de Paula

   Completed in the 1898, this church took a whopping 94 years to complete. Inside are Aleijadinho's sculpture of the saint after which it is named, as well as a life-size sculpture of the Last Supper.

Mina da Passagem
 This is the world´s largest mine open to the public. In order to reach the mining galleries a small trolley is used and it is held by a steel cable. You descend for 315 meters and the total depth reaches 120 meters. The visit to the mine is accompanied by a guide (who normally does not speak English, so make sure you have someone who can translate for you). Apart from the grandiosity of the excavation, there is also a beautiful underground lake. If you plan to take pictures be aware that you will need a tripod and a lower shutter speed. Otherwise your pictures will be either blurred or totally blacked out.

Right Time to Visit

January - December