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By plane

Oulu Airport is the busiest in the country after Helsinki, and the Helsinki-Oulu sector is the country's most popular domestic flight with frequent services (almost 20 flights per day each way) on Finnair and Blue1. A fully flexible return economy ticket costs a whopping €251 but an advance-purchase non-changeable one-way ticket can go as low as €39 plus taxes. There are also some services to Riga, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku and Kemi.

By train

Oulu is on the railway main line between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. The fastest Pendolino trains complete the journey from Oulu to Helsinki in about 6 hours (€72), while direct sleepers take around 9 hours (€64 plus optional sleeper at €12-€31 per bed). The newest type of sleeper train carriages have a shower and a toilet in each 2-person cabin.

By bus

Trip duration from Helsinki varies between 9½ and 15 hours and costs around €70-80. Timetable and information from Matkahuolto

Key places to visit
Oulu Castle, Science Centre Tietomaa, Oulu City Art Museum, Oulu swimming pool


Places to Visit

Oulu Castle

Oulu Castle  was a late defense castle in Oulu, Finland. It was built on an island in the delta of Oulu River in 1590. The castle was mostly made of wood and earth walls. There probably was an earlier medieval castle on the same site latest by 1375. The Russian Sophia Chronicle has recorded that men from Novgorod tried to conquer a new castle in the Oulu River delta in 1377 but were unsuccessful.The present-day ruins remain from an even later castle, which was built in 1605. The castle was badly damaged in 1715, when Russian forces burned it. Final destruction took place in 1793, when lightning set the other one of the powder magazines on fire.

Science Centre Tietomaa

Tietomaa  is an interactive science centre with over 15o exhibits. The theme exhibitions present technique and different fields of science in a fascinating and entertaining way. exhibitions give you a chance to have fun learning or learn while having fun. there was written that the average duration of visit is around 3 hours, but we spent there 5 hours at least:) the student ticket was 1o eur and except exhibitions it includes also watching a film on the largest flat screen in finland:) the 4o' film was about dinosaurs - giants of patagonia.. it is played also in english, so don't worry:) the 45 meters high tower belongs to tietomaa too. the glass elevator takes you up and you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city of oulu. during the way down you could use the stairs since there is astronomy exhibition and the hologram gallery as well.

Oulu City Art Museum

Tues-Sun 10-17. Two story museum with a wide variety of modern artwork. Around 8 exhibits a year. Plenty of information in English, except for small, temporary exhibits. 3 euros.

Oulu swimming pool

One of the largest public swimming pools in Finland. In addition to the pools facilities include separate gyms for weight training, gymnastics, judo and boxing. Cafe upstairs with a view to the pools. €4.50 for the pools or the gym.

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