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By train

The Orenburg station is a part of South-Ural Railway and its network is connected by direct trains to Moscow, Samara, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Kiev and southern capitals of the CIS republics.

By plane

Airport "Tsentralny" is home to domestic air-carrier "Orenburg Airlines" and serves flights Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Magnitogorsk, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Yerevan and other cities.

Key places to visit
Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts, Orenburg History Museum, Museum "Memory House", Orenburg Regional Studies Museum


Places to Visit

Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts

Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts Built in 1814 for city government, which housed the city council, a policeman and the magistrate court of wards.
Architect Stamp Malakhov (1781-1842).
Before our time came in the reconstructed in the 1870 form.
In 1995 he commissioned a new building dedicated storage.
The basis of the museum's collection - collection of academic painting, realist artist democratic orientation, a native of the province of Orenburg Vasilievich Popov Lucian (1873-1914)
During its existence the museum's collections of ancient art, Russian, Soviet and Western European art from the end of the XVI century, including paintings, sculpture, decorative art - about 8,000 exhibits.

Orenburg History Museum

Orenburg History Museum is located in a building with a horologium, constructed in the gothic style in the 19th century. It looks like a castle due to its specific shape. The museum exhibits tell about the city’s history. There are also museums of military glory and the Afghani war, as well as Fine Arts Museum and Memorial House and Museum-Apartment of the Rastropovich family.

Museum "Memory House"

The House of Memory is the one and only project in Russia aiming at remembering all citizens who lived in the city. Opened 5 years ago, the House has a full collection of citizens who has gone.Boulevard on the embankment of the Ural River.The historical downtown is the Sovetskaya street. It is a pedestrian zone with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. It ends up with one of the most popular places in Orenburg – with the boulevard on the embankment of the Ural River. The place is called Belovka after a 19th century local merchant Belov, who gave money to renovate the quay and the Sovetskaya Street.

Orenburg Regional Studies Museum

Orenburg Regional Studies Museum Next year museum will celebrate 180 anniversary. Its expositions take us back to the history of Orenburg region and its flora and fauna. The museum also disposes a unique collection of sarmats and skiffs items. Being nomads this ancient tribes lived in the Orenburg steppes.

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