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By Air

Airports nearest to Olten are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Basel/mulhouse Basel Bad - Railway Airport (distanced approximately 15 km)
Triengen Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
Fricktal-Schupfart Airport (distanced approximately 19 km)
Langenthal Airport (distanced approximately 22 km)
Herten Rheinfelden Airport (distanced approximately 25 km)

By Train

Olten's railway station is within 30 minutes of Zurich, Bern, Basel and Lucerne.Although Olten only has 18,000 people the station is used each day by about 80,000 passengers and is one of the 20 busiest in Switzerland.It is served by 1,100 trains a day making it one of the busiest in Switzerland.

By Road

South of the city runs the highway A1 from Zurich to Bern to the west the highway A2 through the "Ballon tunnel" to Basel.Olten suffers from through traffic.At peak times there will frequently be on the access roads and traffic jams in the city center.In 2013, a great pass to open (discharge region Olten) and reduce traffic through downtown.

By Bus

The bus operation Olten Gosgen Gau (Boggs) maintains a network of buses in the city and surrounding area.Swiss Post operates a bus line to Wolfwil and Oensingen.

Key places to visit
Olten City Theatre, Olten Art Museum, Schwager Theater, Museum of Nature Olten, Wertpapierwelt Museum


Places to Visit

Olten City Theatre

The Olten City Theatre is the main venue of the annual Oltner cabaret days.Olten is also some small theaters, such as the Studio Theater Olten.The studio theater of Olten is a pretty small theater in the center of the city of Olten.The theater space can accommodate around 90 people.The audience sees on stage an attractive guest program with about 35 performances in the theater season between September and June.In the lobby bar invites visitors to a cocktail before the performances.The small theater is operated by the Association Olten theater group since 1992.Since autumn 2003, the Studio Theatre located in Olten at the attractive location Dornacherstrasse 5 immediately adjacent to the town house of Olten.

Olten Art Museum

The Olten Art Museum opened in 1902 and is based on a collection of works by the great painter Oltner Disteli Martin.Until 1964 it was called "Disteli Museum" and today it includes a collection of paintings and graphic works from the 19th Century and modern art department.The investment world is the "first international museum for historical shares of the world".The exhibition shows 400 years of history through selected historical economic stocks and bonds from 63 countries.The Foundation for Art of the 19th Century includes paintings, drawings, prints, portfolios and illustrated books from the first half of the 19th Century (focusing on the art of Romanticism in Germany and Switzerland).

Schwager Theater

At the periphery of the city Olten, in the industrial area since September 2009 and again in Gerolag Center is our location.Here we present theater that comes from the heart center of the cabaret.Musical, pantomime - pensive, sensual - fool, narrative these are the hallmarks of guest appearances which we present to our audience.In addition we open the stage for improvisational theater but also for young artists and artists from all genres of cabaret.See for yourself we look forward to seeing you and give you a warm welcome.

Museum of Nature Olten

What began in 1872 with an empty classroom, 300 Swiss Francs of start-up aid from the city and donated specimens for a Science Collection has become an important institution of the city of Olten the Museum of Nature.The three-dimensionally preserved crane of an Ichthyosaurus from Hauenstein and the remains of a mammoth found near the Olten train station are but two highlights of the exhibition of natural history located on the ground floor.The first and second floor feature domestic animals such as the Wolf of Hagendorf shot in 1990, which became a media celebrity around the country. Other attractions include live stick insects with their leaf-like bodies, the Bremen Town Musicians, vitrines about the preparation of mammals and birds and the museum cinema.The Museum of Nature Olten complements its permanent exhibition program with special exhibitions, courses, talks, excursions and a number of children's events.

Wertpapierwelt Museum

There are countless museums of art, culture and natural history all over the world, and almost every human achievement has been the subject of exhibitions.Almost for until very recently securities without which the economic exploitation of inventions and discoveries would not have been possible were not given the space they deserved.The collection comprises over 7,000 exhibits from over 130 countries.With the museum Wertpapierwelt, the Foundation "Collection of historical securities" allows the public a vivid and exciting look at old bonds and shares.Throughout the year changing thematic exhibitions highlight different aspects of the world of securities.

Right Time to Visit

May - November