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Czech Republic
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By Air

The closest major airport is Brno-Turany Airport (BRQ / LKTB).This airport has international and domestic flights from Brno, Czech Republic and is about 63 km from the center of Olomouc,Czech Republic.

By Train

Fast trains (category R) are useless at this route, they're slower and cost the same as IC/EC.Regular fare is CZK 310, extra people in a group (of 2 or more) pay CZK 156, SporoTiket is CZK 220-280.Beware of some fast trains (category R) from Ostrava to Olomouc, they go longer way through Jeseníky mountains for more than 3 hours.Long distance trains stop at Olomouc Main station.Krakow the only direct train is a night train Silesia arriving in Olomouc at 4:45AM.Other connections require at least two changes.

By Bus

Student Agency operate buses between Prague and Olomouc, but they are much slower than trains, because their route leads all the way down to Brno, before turning up towards Prague.

By Taxi

Taxis gather in the carpark at the front of the train station, and the ride from there to the centre should be around Kc 100.

Key places to visit
Church of Saint Maurice, Museum of Yugoslav Soldiers, Holy Trinity Column, Astronomical clock, Bezrucovy Sady


Places to Visit

Church of Saint Maurice

Is a Roman Catholic church in Olomouc, Czech Republic.It is located in the city centre, near the Upper Square and remains one of the most important landmarks of the city.The church has been designated a National Cultural Landmark by the government in 1995.The southern tower serves as a lookout tower with view on the whole city of Olomouc and surroundings.The Church of Saint Maurice has arched triple-nave. The church organ from 1740-1745 are the largest in Central Europe.They were constructed by organist Michael Engler.

Museum of Yugoslav Soldiers

Is a neoclassical chapel with an ossuary containing remains of Yugoslav soldiers killed in the First World War.It was built in 1926 in the Bezruč's Park in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) by the Czechoslovak-Yugoslav League. The designer of the chapel was architect Hubert Aust.The mausoleum was owned by Yugoslavia until its breakup. Nowadays it is partly damaged, but renovation has been prevented because of unclear property rights.The mausoleum is in a bad condition due to both natural effects and vandalism, and therefore it is not open to the public. The stairs and electrical wiring are in the greatest disrepair. Frescoes of saints painted in the Byzantine style are also partly damaged.

Holy Trinity Column

A good place to begin is the main square,with its huge Town Hall and the Holy Trinity Column (the largest column in Europe), which was enscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. It is the second largest historical square in the Czech Republic. Don't miss the astronomical clock on the Town Hall. It is said to once have rivalled the beauty of Prague's, but was seriously damaged in the WWII and then rebuilt and repainted at the beginning of the Communist regime to reflect worker's values.

Astronomical clock

was constructed in the 15th Century, but takes its present appearance from the 1950's, during a refurbishment to repair damage inflicted in WWII. Czechoslovakia was under Communist rule by then and the clock reflects the values of the day, the saints and angels being replaced by scientists, sportspeople and labourers. There is one other astronomical clock in the Czech lands (in the other ancient capital, Prague), but as a surviving example of Socialist-Realism, the Olomouc Astronomical clock is unique world-wide. It is another popular rendezvous point in the city.

Bezrucovy Sady

is a lovely park that runs between the massive Fortress walls and the Mill channel, providing a great place to stroll and relax, also nice views of the University and St. Michael's Church.This is one of the most popular pilgrimage churches in Central Europe, and was honoured by Pope John Paul II. The best way to reach it is to take the bus 11 to Svaty Kopecek from stand 'E' in front of the railway station.

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June - September