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North Rhine-Westphalia
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By Air

Nearby commercial airports are at Düsseldorf International Airport (28 km), Dortmund Airport (50 km) and Weeze Airport (60 km).

By Train

Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station in the city. Long-distance trains stop at the station (some even to Amsterdam and Basel) as well as regional and local services.There are stations at Holten, Sterkrade and Osterfeld, catering for regional and local travel.

By Bus

The city-owned company "STOAG" provides an extensive coverage of bus and tram services.It is part of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr transport association covering the whole Rhine-Ruhr area.

By Road

Oberhausen is well connected to the German motorway network.A2 (E34) (Oberhausen - Dortmund - Bielefeld - Hanover - Magdeburg - Berlin).A3 (E35) (from Arnhem - Oberhausen - Cologne - Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nuremberg - Passau - to Linz).A40 (Ruhrschnellweg, Venlo - Duisburg - Essen - Dortmund).A42 (Emscherschnellweg, Kamp-Lintfort - Oberhausen - Gelsenkirchen - Dortmund).A516 (Motorway Interchange from A2 to Oberhausen-Zentrum).

By Ferry

The Rhein-Herne Canal bisects the city, and the Ruhr is in the city's south-west (river navigation uses a shortcut canal to the south).

Key places to visit
Theater Oberhausen, Oberhausen Castle, LVR Industrial Museum, Model Train World Oberhausen, Old Market, Turbine Hall


Places to Visit

Theater Oberhausen

is a theater in Oberhausen.Until 1945, was the name of the city theater, then the city was founded Theater GmbH, which originated in 1950, the Municipal Theater, the theater in 1970 in Oberhausen have been renamed.The large house has in floor 331 and 114 seats in the ranking.On 16 December 1961, the Studio 99 opened in a room on the top floor of the cultivation and in 1962 the studio theater at the Auditorium of the Luise-Albertz-Halle with about 150 seats.The Board games were abandoned by resolution of the spectacle. Performances are now also in the earlier painters room and in the bar instead.In addition to the foyer is the Falstaff pub theater.2011, the Theater Oberhausen was again with the staging of Ibsen's A Doll's House by Herbert Fritsch invited to the Berlin Theatre Meeting.

Oberhausen Castle

is a neoclassical palace complex in Oberhausen district Alt-Oberhausen -Mitte.The property was built in the 1846 and 1847, opened near the station and later to the city of Oberhausen's name.A previous installation from the 12/13.Century was about 200 meters from the current location and has now disappeared completely.Once the estate of the family of culverts over by the early 17th Hoven Century to the family of Boenen had come, was on the property 1804-1818 according to plans of Munster architect August Reinking , a new lock for Maximilian Friedrich von Westerholt-Gysenberg and his wife Friederike Caroline of Bretzenheim built.The castle area is situated south of the A 42 at the Rhein-Herne Canal .On its eastern side runs the Konrad-Adenauer-Allee ( B 223 ), the main connecting road between the districts Sterkrade, Osterfeld and Alt-Oberhausen.The western gasometer and the CentrO are within walking distance, as the site of the former Good Hope Mill, the former head office is located in south-east about 900 yards away.

LVR Industrial Museum

is a regional museum of the Rhineland Regional Council (LVR).By October 2008 it was called the Rhenish Industrial Museum, abbreviated as RIM.The museum was planned in the 1970s through the Rhenish Conservation Office and the Rhenish Museum Office. On 10 May 1984 founded the Rhineland Regional Council, the Museum. It is subtitled "Rheinisches Landesmuseum for industrial and social history." Was supported by the structure of the NRW State Government, from the monument, by the participating cities and Funding at the respective sites.

Model Train World Oberhausen

is a model railway permanent exhibition in the " Neue Mitte Oberhausen ", directly to the Heinz-Schleusser-Marina, on the east side of the site Centro, on the highway 42nd The plant was at first August 2008 open to visitors and is currently showing on 420 m² area plant motifs from the Ruhr the period 1965 to 1970.On the system are based on the original track plans, geographies and many building plans including the Oberhausen main station and the stations Oberhausen-Osterfeld Süd and Bochum-Dahlhausen reproduced, also a blast furnace along the lines of metallurgical plants in Oberhausen and the colliery and coking plant Zeche Zollverein.These replicas of famous buildings are found, such as the Villa Hugel, the Oberhausen Gasometer and the oldest settlement of the Ruhr industrial workers, the settlement Eisenheim in Oberhausen, in the model railway system again. All these buildings were to scale and largely rebuilt to the original.2009 should be a second, geographically identical phase followed, which would have shown the Ruhr after the structural change of the last forty years in this day and age. However, since the Board in April of 2009 to file for bankruptcy turned, this is not done until today. As can be seen from the homepage, has a new operator took over the business and wants to expand it further.

Turbine Hall

is now used primarily as a concert and event hall.The complex was built in 1909 of two connected buildings used for the production of electricity and compressed air to supply the ironworks II, an operating part of the GHH with four blast furnaces.Contrary to the present name no halls housed the turbines , but gas engines.Which was after the withdrawal of the steel industry from Oberhausen in the 1980s unused hall opened in 1993 as a nightclub and has been rebuilt several times. The turbine hall is situated on the railway line Duisburg-Dortmund , the Ruhr area of the former route Cologne-Minden Railway Company.The Turbine Hall is a stop on the route of industrial culture .

Old Market

The land for the Old Market Square, opened in June 1859 the community was Styrum Stöckmann paid by the farmer William. In the east of the square running Stöckmannstraße still recalls him.In forming the new community of Oberhausen in 1862, was this also a part of Styrum struck with the marketplace, which developed in the years to "focus the nascent city."In 1876 was erected on the square, the Victory Column, a war memorial from sandstone to commemorate the battles of the years 1864 to 1871.Old Market Square in the north of 1909-1911 was the Catholic church built in the Sacred Heart, the other three sides of the square are mostly from local shops, offices and catering establishments lined.In the square itself takes on all working days during the time instead of 8:00 bis 14:00 clock a market that in the advent of the local Christmas market softened, which is presented each of the last few years "Christmas forest".The Old Market was the RVR in the theme route Oberhausen industry makes the city the route of industrial culture included.

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