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Nove Zamky

Nove Zamky
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By Air

In 1931 the footwear entrepreneur Tomas Bata bought a leather processing factory in New lock to be located in places later factories appliances (Elektrosvit).Bata was a flying enthusiast and had planned to pursue the business of aviation.In 1932, asked to build an airport to be made for business services and sports aviation enthusiasts from all its employees footwear group.Bata also built airports in Svit and Partizanske (then Batovany).The airport is located about three kilometers south of the center of the road to Komarno.Operation Novozamocka airport shortly after its inception the tragic death of Tomas Bata in a plane crash in 1932 broke off.

By Road

Of the Nove Zamky on the road 75 you can get to Sala (and hence on the road and E571 in Bratislava), on the way to 509 Sturova and 64 on the road to Komarno or in Nitra.

By Train

The Nove Zamky is a direct rail link to Nitra, Komarno, Bratislava, Prague, Berlin, Budapest.

Key places to visit
Lutheran Church, Franciscan Church, Statue of the Holy Trinity, Zugov Berek Park, Winter Stadium, John Thain Museum


Places to Visit

Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church in Nove Zamky was built in neo-Gothic style in 1905.Was consecrated 15th August 1905.By 1978 it was inscribed over the entrance Luther's motto: "Strong Castle is our God".During renovations in 1978 was the motto removed.Today in its place rose the Evangelical and cross.The author of the altar is the image of the Lutheran Church of Budapest painter Rittal Boemm.The image is pointilistickom style and bears the name "sower."

Franciscan Church

The church was consecrated archbishop of Esztergom, Cardinal Peter Pazman 24th May 1631.The original church was probably less of a shingle roof, the monastery was compared with the current structure also smaller.Since 1663 the monastery former Turkish officers, the church used as a warehouse, the tower of the Franciscan church was converted into a minaret.After 1685 the church was restored and the monastery, and ordained Milan General of the Franciscans Peter Sormani.

Statue of the Holy Trinity

In 1740 the castle was in New plague epidemic.To commemorate the end of the epidemic, according to a proposal by Italian masters in 1749 built a statue of the Holy Trinity.The statue is in the Baroque style, but are part of the rococo elements.The statue had a busy history, renovating it several times and moved ( 1827, 1876, 1929, the last time renovating it in 1993).24th October 1993 consecrated the statue back to its original location on the Main Square.

Zugov Berek Park

On the northeast edge of town near a large allotment are water cascade "Zugov".Nitra River over Zugovom divided into two arms at the Cascades, these arms are connected so cascading waterfalls are stretched in the shape of double letters "V" Word "Zugo" the mad.describes the sound of roaring, falling water.Nitra flow continues east and south sides of the city and along the park "Berek" leaving the city.Berek was the name of the medieval Hungarian used to describe the forest then the forest area currently used in colloquial speech.

Winter Stadium

ice rink stadium in Nove Zamky been made available this summer.Each year is organized hockey tournaments at international level.The ice rink is a modern facility for versatility especially in winter.It has ideal conditions for concentration and krasokorculiarskych hockey team, the organization of tournaments and spring and summer can be used throughout the stadium to make contractual events, fairs, exhibitions and publicity for all businesses.

John Thain Museum

John Thain Museum in Nove Zamky is one of five museums Nitra region.The museum currently has 18 employees, including five professionals (ethnographer, historian earlier history, recent history, historian, archaeologist and restorer).The basis of the museum is a research and documentation Novozamocka region in the fields of science and above all creation, the expertise, protection of collections as well as the presentation of cultural heritage.Faithful to the traditions of the founders of the Museum continued collecting and research which are among the most important factor in his work in the process of understanding and documenting the development of the region.Similarly the Presentation in the field of museum continues to organize lectures, discussions and workshops in various fields.The museum and educational efforts are reflected in the organization of events accompanying the current exhibition.

Right Time to Visit

March - June