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Amazonas - Brazil
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By boat: The ferry between Rio and Niteroi is a pleasant and affordable trip. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes to cross the bay, depending on the fare for a slow or fast boat from adjoining terminals at Praça XV.

By car or bus: From Rio you just drive through the longest bridge in Brazil, the Ponte Rio-Niterói; just like the name says it connects both cities.

Key places to visit
Museum of Contemporary Art, Teatro Popular, Parque da Cidade, Fortaleza de Santa Cruz, Barao do Rio Branco


Places to Visit
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (1996) - Mirante da Boa Viagem. Tel. (21) 2620-2400. Tue-Sun, 10am - 6pm (or 7pm during Daylight Saving Time (mid Oct to late Feb). Get bus 47B from the bus terminal on your left when you exit the ferry station. Admission R$ 4. This intriguing contemporary art museum looks like a flying saucer jutting out over the sea and is worth the visit to Niteroi alone.
  • Teatro Popular (People's Theatre)- Opened in 2007 this is the new addition to the Caminho Niemyer (Niemeyer Way), a series of Architectural buildings along Niteroi's Bayside. The theatre is located beyond the Bus Terminal to your left as you exit the Ferry Station.
  • Parque da Cidade - An amazing view of Rio de Janeiro (city). Watch the sunset from there is a 'must do' if you are in Rio... It is in the top of a mountain in the neighborhood 'Charitas'. You can go there by car / taxi.
  • Fortaleza de Santa Cruz (1555)- located at the Guanabara Bay entrance, this is a big fortress with a close-up view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain from an entirely different angle.(R$4 guided tours) Thu~Sun 10AM-5PM -> To get here on the weekdays you will need a car/taxi, but on Sat and Sun you can take a tourist open bus (called Jardineira)in downtown Niteroi at the Ferry Station. It runs all the way along the bayshore and stops at the town's main attractions and neighborhoods.
  • Barao do Rio Branco(1555), Imbui(1863/1901) and Sao Luis(1715/1775) Forts - enter at Rio Branco Fort in Jurujuba for a guided tours of this and the other 2 forts and ruins overlooking the bay with a splendid view of the surrounding mountains of Niteroi and Rio.
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