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Negeri Sembilan

Negri Sembilan
Negeri Sembilan
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By Bus

The Transnasional coaches depart Kuala Lumpur from the Puduraya Bus Terminal while the Maraliner buses depart Kuala Lumpur from the Hentian Putra Bus Terminal. They both arrive Seremban at the Terminal One Bus Station. The journey is a short one and takes about an hour only.

By Train

Another althernative to get to Negeri Sembilan from Kuala Lumpur is by rail. The KTM Commuter trains serve the KL-Seremban route very regularly. The journey takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. You could board the train at KL sentral and alight the train at the Seremban Railway station.

This mode of transportation is, in my personal opinion, a fairly hassle free and comfortable way to travel to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The Commuter trains are air-conditioned and provides a fairly comfortable ride. Besides that, it's also very economical. The fares from KL Sentral to the Seremban Railway Station only costs RM 6.00.

If you are coming from Singapore or Thailand, you can get to Negeri Sembilan by taking the KTM trains. The North-South railway line passes through Seremban.

Once you reach the Seremban Railway station, simply catch a taxi to get to your desired destination. There are plenty of taxis waiting just outside the Railway Station.

Key places to visit
Seremban Lake Gardens, Sri Menanti Palace, State Mosque, Negeri Sembilan State Museum,


Places to Visit

Seremban Lake Gardens

Seremban is the capital of Negeri Sembilan. The lake gardens of Seremban are very scenic. There are two lakes situated amidst a gentle expanse of landscaped greenery that provide a refreshing respite from the heat. Cultural shows are held on a floating stage on one of the lakes. Overlooking the Lake Gardens is the State Mosque, with its nine pillars symbolizing the nine districts of the State.

Sri Menanti Palace

This palace is built with 99 pillars depicting the 99 this warriors of the various luak-luak (clans). A grandeur of the past, built entirely of wood, this building is contructed in 1902. This palace beautifully designed with the building elements bearing intricate carvings of some varied local motifs. Situated within a beautiful surrounding, the palace will soon be turned into a Royal Museum. Operation : Mon-Sun 10am-6pm Fri 10am - 12:15pm & 2:45pm-6pm

State Mosque

The State Mosque is adorned with nine pillars which symbolize the nine districts. The pillar jut out at all corners of the building and on top of each pillar is a crescent and a star to represent 'enlightenment' for the muslim. Poised from the inside, the calmness of the mind seems to seep through the scenic view of the Seremban lake.

Negeri Sembilan State Museum 

The state museum, situated within the Cultural Handicraft Complex, houses many historical artifacts of the state. Situated next to the museum is the "Rumah Minang" burned down by the British during the Sungai Ujung war.

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