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Lhaviyani Atoll
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Naifaru is the capital of Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives.Naifaru is 142 km (88 miles) north of the capital, Male. The total area of Naifaru is 53 hectares (0.53 km2), including the part of the island expanded by reclaiming the surrounding lagoon of the island, in 2004.President Mohamed Nasheed declared Madivaru (an un-inhabited island about half a kilometer northeast of Naifaru) as a part of Naifaru.As per the census of 2006, Naifaru has population of 3,687, contributing 1.23% of total population of the country.Compared to the 2000 census, Naifaru has a slightly negative population growth (-0.09%).As of 31st December 2008, Naifaru had a registered population of 4720.Naifaru is the fifth most populous island in the Maldives.

If you are wondering about the various activities that you can participate in Naifaru, Maldives then here is a short guide, which will be quite helpful to you.You can take a trip to the sand mountains here.This is a place that will entertain your young one very much.He will wish to come here again and again.Once you are through with the sand mountains you can then indulge in shopping.There are various shopping malls here.You will be able to buy garments and other articles.Travelers can buy gifts for their near and dear ones.This kind of shopping experience will definitely compel you to come to this island, which is said to be one of the finest Maldives Tourist Destinations.

After so much traveling and shopping it is quite natural that one will feel famished.There are many restaurants here that serve delicious cuisines.You will find a variety of dishes here.You can order Chinese and Continental delicacies.You can taste local Maldivian specialties.You can also sip coffees at the cozy cafes in Naifaru.Naifaru, Maldives is an island that is quite close to the capital of Maldives.Travelers will love the view of the sea, sandy beaches and the sand mountains that are present here.In fact this island has varied topography. Naifaru, Maldives is a part of Lhaviyani Atoll. You can spend your holiday in this island in a relaxed mood.This place is just perfect for relaxation.

If you are looking for a holiday spot where you can go with your family then Naifaru, Maldives is definitely the spot.The total population of this place is 4534.The people here are very friendly.You can easily interact with them and know about their culture.The main culture that one will see here has the influence of Buddhism, Islam, British and that of India and Sri Lanka.People here follow the religion of Islam.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest major airport is Male International Airport (MLE / VRMM).This airport has international and domestic flights from Male, Maldives and is about 140 km from the center of Naifaru, Maldives.Another major airport is Hanimaadhoo Airport (HAQ / VRMH), which has domestic flights from Hanimaadhoo, Maldives and is 147 km from Naifaru, Maldives.

By Ferries

Powerboats of varying designs and sizes have become almost a new culture in the Maldives, especially with the advent of a serious tourism industry in the country. In a country where the International Airport is on an island all by itself, and where all the tourist resorts are on separate islands, the Speed Boat have come into its own in a manner that is purely Maldivian. In addition, the Speed Boat performs well in its more conventional roles in recreational activities like pleasure cruising and water skiing.

Key places to visit
Six Senses Laamu, Cinnamon Island Alidhoo, The Beach House at Manafaru, Baarah


Places to Visit

Six Senses Laamu

On Olhuveli island is the very first and only resort on Laamu atoll that opened on April 2, 2011.The resort offers its guests 97 villas that are eco-friendly yet luxurious in every way and sit on the beach or over the lagoon.The island is located just meters away from the famous 8-foot Yin Yang wave.

Cinnamon Island Alidhoo

Opened in July 2007 for business and is the second resort in the Atoll to open for Visitors.The resort located on the island of alidhoo, a picture perfect circular island that is the most eye catching to any visitor flying over the island.

The Beach House at Manafaru

Is the third resort to open in the region in winter 2007.The strength of the resort is in its style and unique charm.Visitors to the resort are able to experience aspects of contemporary luxury in harmony among natural lush vegetation of the Manafaru island.A visit to the resort also allows the opportunity for visitors to explore the charms of being in the most northern tip of the Maldives.


The name of the island itself describes the look of the island. Baa is the fifth letter in the Dhivehi alphabet while Rah literally means island in Dhivehi.This island gets the name Baa because it has the shape as the letter Baa in the Dhivehi script.This island has its own historic significance, the most famous being that it was in this island where 'kalhuoh Fummi' (a large ship) was built by the national hero Mohamed Thakurufaanu who saved the Maldives from the Portuguese rule.

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