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By plane

Murmansk Airport (IATA: MMK) has multiple daily flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and limited services to other Russian cities including Sochi and Rostov-on-the-Don. There are also several flights per week to Tromsø and Helsinki. Flights to Kirkenes are however discontinued.

By boat

There are also occasional boats to and from Barentsburg, Svalbard.

By train

Murmansk can be reached from most places in north-west Russia by train. Moscow is 35-40 hours away and Saint Petersburg 27-30 hours, depending on the train. The trains make stop-overs in cities such as Kandalaksha and Petrozavodsk on their way. Other night trains reach Murmansk from cities as far east as Arkhangelsk or from Minsk and Brest in the west.

By bus

There are bus connections from Finland (Rovaniemi and Ivalo) and Norway (Kirkenes).

Key places to visit
Regional History Museum, Alyosha Statue, Arctic Research Institute Exposition, Arctic Research Institute Exposition, Museum of the Northern Flee, Krayevyedchesky Museum, Detsky Gorodok


Places to Visit

Regional History Museum

Contains displays on various themes, including ethnography of local peoples, a taxidermy display of local flora and fauna (including polar bear and moose), arctic explorations, and an extensive display on Murmansk's role in World War II. All displays in Russian only, cashier closes at 5:00pm. 25 Rubles.

Alyosha Statue

30-meter-tall statue of a soldier overlooking the city. It is common for wedding parties in Murmansk to visit the statue and drink a bottle of champagne there. To reach the statue, follow the road that curves around the north of the lake (Buses 3 and 10 go at least part of the way, then one must walk), or, in good weather, hikers can cut through the hills and across the south side of the lake on the dirt footpath that begins across the street from the Savior-on-the-Water Cathedral and the lighthouse.

Arctic Research Institute Exposition

Viewing apparently by appointment only; call and ask for Tatiana at least a few days in advance.

Museum of the Northern Fleet

Naval buffs make the trek to the Museum of the Northern Fleet covering the founding of Russia’s first navy in Arkhangelsk, the Murmansk convoys of WWII and the modern fleet. The museum is within a turquoise, somewhat crumbling three-storey cultural centre fronted by anchors. Take bus 10 to the penultimate stop (‘Nakhimova’, opposite ul Admirala Lobova 43), walk on for 300m, then turn left and it’s 80m up ul Tortseva. Shimmy through the building’s foyer and the museum is to the left, within.

Krayevyedchesky Museum

The varied exhibits of the Krayevyedchesky Museum include good features on Sami and Pomor history and the Anglo-American occupation. There's a good souvenir shop, and museum guides can be hired for city tours in English.

Detsky Gorodok
Detsky Gorodok is a children's attraction consisting of a fake fort with swings, tunnels and climbing frames - plus a café where all ages can get a warming drink or snack. Located just up the street from the Church of the Saviour on the Waters.

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