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By air

The municipality has the Airport The Pindus, which together with the Airport Monteria are the only department. The Pindus has an excellent airstrip for flights less. Currently in service with charter flights and low-frequency type, which covers the route Montelibano - Bogota and vice versa.

By road

The regional system of municipality-urban spatial structure based on the main roads Montelibano - The Shunning, Montelibano, Puerto Libertador and Montelibano - San Jose, Ure. Montelibano by contacting: Monteria, Planeta Rica, Buenavista and Secluded by a paved road in good conditions and specifications (Trunk Western), via that also allows communication with the city of Medellin

Key places to visit
Paramillo National Wildlife Park, Mining Complex Cerro Matoso, Beaches of Rio San Jorge, Ecological Park Montelibano, The Pindo Ecopark


Places to Visit

Paramillo National Wildlife Park

Paramillo Natural National Park is located at the north end of the Cordillera Occidental in Colombia. Its surface is part of the departments of Antioquia and Cordoba. The towns closest to it are Tierralta, Montelibano and Puerto Libertador in Córdoba, and Small, Ituango, Mutata, Chigorodó, Carepa, Apartado, Caucasia, Caceres and Taraza in Antioquia.In the park you can see different climates ranging from hot moor land, so that includes ecosystems such as Andean plateau, forests and mountain forests. In the park are caused rivers Verde and Esmeralda, tributaries of the Rio Sinu, and Rio Sucio, a tributary of the Rio San Jorge.

Mining Complex Cerro Matoso

Besides being a generator of development for the city, is conceived as a real tourist site that has an impressive infrastructure. In a guided tour you can see the process of extraction of raw ore and its subsequent transformation into ferronickel, and climb the hill you can see a great view of the valley of San Jorge. However, this access is controlled by the company.

Beaches of Rio San Jorge

In the summertime this majestic stream becomes the ideal place for recreation, the river banks are filled with thousands of people gathering to relieve heat and cool. A walk in the Slab running through it can show an excellent view of the river.

Ecological Park Montelibano

On the outskirts of the city on the trunk road to the mine Cerromatoso, is this beautiful place that becomes a lung Montelibano. Montelibano Ecological Park, is a project that aims to develop a space to promote the recognition, appreciation and conservation of biodiversity in the region through educational programs, recreational, business and participatory, environmental, economic and social. The Ecological Park Montelibano constitutes an alternative for recreation and learning in contact and harmony with nature. It has a large lake or swamp where you can practice water sports and ride non-motorized boats, which can also go fishing. It also has balconies and bridges where you can get beautiful images of the park. For families there are special areas for camping as kiosks and camping area. In the park there is a forest with a path of 3 km for contact with nature and also has agricultural-type attractions, where visitors can learn about local products and interact directly with the species of the place.

The Pindo Ecopark

At the airport near the Pindus, or is this old channel meander of the San Jorge, known locally as "Old Mother", where there are countless species of flora and fauna of the region, it can take a tour canoe down the meandering and reach the island, a dot in the center of the park where the lush vegetation be an effect of climate on another floor.

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