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Miercurea Ciuc

Miercurea Ciuc
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By air

Airports nearest to Miercurea-Ciuc are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Imperial Beach NAS Airport (distanced approximately 27 km)
   Havadarya Airport (distanced approximately 76 km)
   Bacau Airport (distanced approximately 87 km)
   Tirgu Mures Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
   Sibiu Airport (distanced approximately 150 km)

Key places to visit
Miko Castle of Ciuc, Olt and Mures Superior Museum, Romanian hero monument, Church Roman Catholic Holy Trinity


Places to Visit

Miko Castle of Ciuc

Miko Castle, with regular geometric plan Italian bastions, built in late Renaissance style, is the oldest and most important historical monument of the city Ciuc. Manufacturer named, Hidvégi Ferenc Miko, the documents of that time being mentioned as Miko's new castle. Construction of the castle began in spring 1623, ten years after the owner, Ferenc Miko, the captain became chief of seats Szekely Ciuc Gheorgheni and Casin. Leading figure of early Transylvanian politics of the seventeenth century, Ferenc Miko, besides this function, was the advisor of Prince Gabriel Bethlen, diplomat and columnist.Building castle with rectangular plan and an area of 75x70 m were completed, probably in the thirties of the seventeenth century

Olt and Mures Superior Museum

A branch of the Museum National Eastern Carpathians, based on street Petofi Sandor no. 23. The museum houses a permanent exhibition of ethnography "Interior Peasant" and other exhibitions tematico-traveling.

Romanian hero monument

Monument, the work of sculptor Marius Butunoiu, is located in the center. Its unveiling took place on August 19, 1974. The monument, a pedestal shaped like a rectangular prism, concrete clad with white marble statue supports ronde-bosse a bronze infantryman, high approx. 4 m Soldier is equipped to fight and take over his head with both hands, a gun and a battle flag. Behind the statue stands a white marble obelisk plated. The main front of the pedestal is mounted a chrome metal plate with this inscription: "Eternal Glory to the Romanian soldiers who sacrificed themselves in fighting for the liberation of the country".

Church Roman Catholic Holy Trinity

Church Roman Catholic Holy Trinity, which was built in XV century in Gothic style, was expanded in 1707 in Baroque style. Tower was built in 1800. Statue of Holy Virgin Maria is the year 1520, as on Sumuleu Ciuc.

Right Time to Visit

April - June