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Kosicky Kraj
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Airports nearest to Michalovce are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Presov Airport (distanced approximately 55 km)
Krosno Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)
Miskolic Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
Falkenberg Rail Airport (distanced approximately 120 km)
Tatry Airport (distanced approximately 130 km)

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Holy Spirit, St. Marys Cathedral, Michalovce Castle, The Zemplin Museum, Lake Zemplinska sirava


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Holy Spirit

The foundations of the monastery of Redemptionists were dug up in September 1930 and the dedication feast of foundation stone of the monastery was held on 12th October 1930, the building works were completed in 1931 (they were realized by a building company Rozhon).In years 1934 – 1935 the firm of Michalovce builder Juraj Byrtus has built the proper Temple of the Bringing down of Holy Spirit in neo-byzantine style.Thanks to the efforts of all involved parties the temple was completed within a time lasting a little longer than one year.The consecration of church was made by bishop Alexander Stojka on 29th September 1935.The ceremony was attended by about 50 priests and about 15,000 believers.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

The noblemen of Michalovce (Nagymihaly) family have the new church consecrated to Virgin Mary (she was also the patron saint of Hungarian kings) built in Michalovce by the end of 13th century.The temple was situated in the then centre of town and later it apparently stood in the centre of square.Near the church was situated in the 14th century the parochial school (the written mention about it belongs to the oldest records on parochial school in the whole territory of Slovakia).The “owners” of the temple changed several times in a period of 16th–18th centuries (it belonged alternately to Protestants and Roman Catholics).It was damaged and burnt by the end of 17th century.It was renovated in the 18th century on the initiative of count Imrich Sztaray.The originally gothic church thus gained a baroque appearance.

Michalovce Castle

The manor house a still preserved former seat of the noble family of Sztarays belongs to the most precious historical architectural objects in the territory of Michalovce.It houses the Zemplin region museum from 1957.The buildings of the manor house complex are located in the area of original medieval castle.Already in the period of renaissance were rebuilt the utilizable parts of this stone architecture for a more convenient seat of a manor house type.During the baroque rebuilding in the 18th century was added the first floor and towers to the front facade and there were also made new staircases.

The Zemplin Museum

The rotunda and the stone plate with not yet deciphered inscription (it was discovered during investigations in rotunda's interior) belong to the current great mysteries of Slovak archaeology.The remnants of rotunda with a circular nave and horseshoe apse that prove the naturalization of Christianity in Zemplin region and they were discovered and examined in the 70's of 20th century.Experts have still different opinions on the dating of this sacral building.According to the discoverer Jaroslav Vizdal the rotunda was embedded into the Great Moravian horizon because in its vicinity are supported proofs of a settlement from 9th century (this dating was supported also by a historian Peter Ratkos – the dimensions of Michalovce rotunda are almost identical with the dimensions of rotunda in Ducove and Nitrianska Blatnica).

Lake Zemplinska sirava

Well-known holiday resort of Lake Zemplinska sirava belongs to the warmest regions in Slovakia.Overwhelming number of tropical days and nights make this second largest water reservoir in Slovakia an important tourist centre of the Zemplin region.Water surface has the area of 33 km2, the length of 11 km, the width of 3.5 km, the average depth of 9.5 m with the maximum depth of 14 m.Lake Zemplinska sirava provides exceptionally favourable conditions for swimming, water sports, fishing and hiking.

Right Time to Visit

November - February