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By Air

There are flights to and from Istanbul and Ankara to the closest airport, Adana Sakirpasa Airport.There are shuttles from the airport to Mersin.

By Train

There are fairly modern and air-con trains every hour or more frequently during the rush hours to and from Adana and Tarsus.There are trains to and from Istanbul, Eskisehir and Ankara with a stop-over and change at Yenice, east of Mersin.The only international train link is from Syrian city of Aleppo, from where weekly trains depart at 3AM on Fridays, and arriving in Mersin about nine hours later at 12:18PM.

By Bus

There is a bus station in eastern part of the city.There are city buses running between the city center and the bus station.Usually each bus company has its own shuttles running between city center, western (coastal part) and the bus station.From the bus station there are buses to almost every city in Turkey and to small cities and villages in Cilician Mountains (the rest of Mersin Province).

Key places to visit
Mersin International Music Festival, Art Club of Icel, Ataturk Museum, Mersin Museum, Mersin Grand Mosque, Mugdat Mosque


Places to Visit

Mersin International Music Festival

is an annual music festival held in Mersin, Turkey. In addition to Turkish artists, performers from Spain, Italy, USA, Hungary, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and Korea have participated in the festival.Mersin International Music festival (merfest for short) is a non-governmental project sponsored by the private companies, Mersin University, municipalities and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.It was organized by Mersin cultural society (Mersin Kultur Merkezi Dernegi) between 2002-2007 and now it is organized by Mersin Art activities Society (Mersin Sanat Etkinlikleri Dernegi) after 2008.After 2007, the festival became a member of the EFA (European Festivals Association).

Art Club of Icel

The club organises weekend hikings, and in some cases backpacking.Non members are also invited.The track and the level of hiking difficulty is announced in advance by the group leaders.The groups are transported to an appropriate starting point, where they start hiking.The average hiking time is about seven or eight hours, excluding lunch time.During hiking, the hikers enjoy picturesque Mediterranean scenery and sometimes explore archaeological wealth that is quite widespread around Mersin.In past several times, the hikers informed the academic authorities about their findings like caves, ruins etc. Some antiques had been found during hikings and bestowed to Mersin Museum.

Ataturk Museum

is a two storey house in Mersin, which hosted the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his wife in 1925.The house was originally built in 1897 by H. Christman, the German consul to Mersin when he married to a Mersin citizen (of Mavromati family).The house was named Krizman house (Krizman konagi).In 1925, the house was assigned for Ataturk, when he visited Mersin on 20 January with his wife, Latife.They stayed eleven days in this house.In later years, the building was used by Fedon Tahinci family and was called Tahinci house.In 1980, it was bought by the government.After restoration it was transformed to a museum specialized on Ataturk and the Turkish War of Independence.The museum was opened on 12 October 1992.In the ground floor, there is a photo and document gallery with a small conference room.There are also some personal belongings of Ataturk, brought from Ankara.In the upper floor with seven rooms, two rooms are bed rooms, one room is study and the rest are sitting rooms, all decorated with the original furniture.

Mersin Museum

is the main museum of Mersin, Turkey. It is operated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.Mersin Province is full of ancient sites.Yumuktepe and Soli in Mersin city and Gozlukule in Tarsus are among these.But prior to the foundation Mersin Museum, the findings were exhibited in other museums.Mersin Museum was founded in 1978. After 1991 the museum was located in the present site, the eastern wing of Mersin Halkevi.The stone findings such as pithoses and steles are exhibited in the yard.The museum has two floors.In the ground floor there are two exhibition halls.In the first hall, stelae and amphorae of the Roman period are exhibited.The terracota tombs are from Soli. Various pottery and handicrafts as well as metal ormanets of the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age are displayed in the second hall.Most of these are the findings in Yumuktepe and Gözlükule sites.The third hall on the upper floor is reserved for the ethnographic items of Turkmen culture such as ornamental items, carpets, clothes, prayer rosaries, wooden and copper artifacts, weapons etc.In addition to 446 items there are also 999 coins.

Mersin Grand Mosque

is a mosque in Mersin, Turkey.The name Ulu is used for many mosques in different cities of Turkey.The original mosque, then named Yeni Cami (Turkish: New Mosque), had been built in 1898 by the leading people (like Abdülkadir Seydavi) of Mersin.In 1970s, the mosque has been rebuilt and was renamed Ulu Cami.The mosque is in Akdeniz intracity district of Mersin (Central Mersin).It is at the intersection of the main streets.Ataturk Park is to the south and business quarter of the city is to the north and west.The square ground area of the mosque is about 6,400 square metres (69,000 sq ft) The mosque shares this area with a small shopping area named Ulu Carsi.The parking area is below the basement.It is a three storey mosque.The prayer section for 3000 people and nartex is at the ground floor.The conference room for 400 people and Youth center is at the basement. There are two minarets one at the east and one at the west. Each minaret has two minaret balconies.

Mugdat Mosque
is a large mosque in Mersin, Turkey.It is named after Miktat bin Esved one of the early Muslims.The mosque was built in 1980s in the Yenisehir intracity district of Mersin.Although the official name of the neighbourhood is Gazi, it is usually called Mugdat after the name of the mosque.The mosque is situated at the north of a park and the distance to Mediterranean sea side is about 300 metres (980 ft).The total area of the mosque including the yard is 7,900 square metres (85,000 sq ft) and the base area of the building is 3,070 square metres (33,000 sq ft).The mosque has a capacity to offer service to 5500 people.With this capacity it is the largest mosque in Mersin and the third largest mosque built during the Republican era of Turkey.It is also one of the three six-minaret mosques of Turkey. (Originally the mosque had four minaters, the next two were added recently) The height of the minarets is 81 metres (266 ft).On each minaret there are three minaret balconies.Mugdat mosque is actually a complex like the traditional Ottoman mosques.In addition to religious services, the mosque has facilities including a conference room, a library, a guest house and a health center.The basement of the building is a supermarket.

Right Time to Visit

December - March
April - October