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Madhya Pradesh
Type of Location
Hill Station
About Location

ver the weekend, we went to a hill station outside of Mumbai called Matheran. Indians like to travel to these hill stations high in the mountains to breathe in the fresh air and escape the heat of the city.

Matheran is the closest hill station to Mumbai. And, were the roads outside of town a bit better, we could have reached there in about an hour. Instead, it took about two hours, through suburban slums, past random socialist-era factories, and in the middle of the morning rush. Although we were traveling in the opposite direction from most of the buses and rickshaw-wallahs, traffic was pretty bad. We had to keep the windows rolled up in order to avoid inhaling a thick cloud of diesel fumes.

The ascent to Matheran was quite scary. Matheran lies at a height of about 2,600 feet. The gravel road up to the station is one lane and full of switchbacks. Plus there was a light fog that made it hard to see oncoming traffic.

You can only travel so far up to Matheran before you have to park your car and travel on foot or horseback. After a bit of reluctance and several turns at getting lost on foot, we finally decided that we would pay for a horse and guide.

Matheran is laid out so that you can visit various points, such as Sunset Point, Lord's Point, Monkey Point, and Honeymoon Point. We didn't make it to Monkey Point, because we had seen our share of monkeys by that time. In fact, I'm quite pleased with myself for making a joke in Hindi to one of my guides.

How to Reach

At a Glance

Trek Matheran
Alias -
Type Hill Station
District Raigad
Height above mean sea level 2530 feet
Base Village Neral
Minimum Duration 1 Day
Region Karjat
Transport Kalyan to Neral by train, Neral to Matheran by vehicle/train/walk
Time to reach the top About 30-35 min by vehicle, 2 1/2 hrs by train, 3 hrs by walk.
Water Availability Being Hill station hotels are available at the top
Best season to visit Any Time
Sights to visit Lot of points are there to visit like echo point, panorama point etc..
Difficulty Rating Simple
Shelter Hotels, rooms on rent, MTDC resorts
Key places to visit
)Panorama point , Porcupine point , Shivaji’s ladder


Places to Visit

Matheran :: It is the most famous and pleasant hill station in maharashtra. It is located on the top of the sahyadri mountains which is covered by dense forests on the slopes. It was discovered in 1850 by Hugh Malet. There is ban for motor vehicles in this place therefore making it the cleanest of all the hill stations. This hill stations is heavy populated with monkeys. The best time to tour this place is during May-June. It is not advisable to tour during the monsoon from june to october.

There is an entry fee for matheran which is charged at the railway station itself. Getting to matheran is an exciting thing as we have to take a toy train from Neral. Its a two hour travel up the hill.

Tourist Spots::

1)Panorama point :: sunrise point where we can get a astounding view of the sunrise.

2) Porcupine point :: Sunset poin.

Other places are Louisa point,Little chouk point and Echo point.

3)Shivaji’s ladder :: This is a foot path that goes downhill from matheran laid by the great marathi ruler Shivaji.

Right Time to Visit

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