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Sri Lanka
Southern - Srilanka
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One can take train or buses for travelling from Colombo to Matara. Although number of trains is limited, buses are available at frequest intervals. The journey takes around four hours. The railway lines to south end in Matara. Bus stand is located about 500 m from railway station. For travelling within the city popular mode of tourist transport are Three Wheelers. Traditional mode of local transport are carts.

Key places to visit
Matara Fort, Weligama, Tangalla, Mulgirigala Rock Temple, Dondra/Devinuwara


Places to Visit

Matara Fort: Built by the Dutch around 1640, Matara Fort is a fortification of a Portuguese garrison. The old Dutch church is one of the oldest structures in the Fort. There are many other structures of the Dutch and the British era most of which have undergone many changes. The star fort built in a shape of a star was built to provide additional protection to the main fort across the river.

Dondra/Devinuwara:Dondra or Devinuwara 6 km east of Matara is the southern most point of Sri Lanka. A 40m high lighthouse was built in 1890 to provide guidance to the shipping route south of Sri Lanka. The shrine dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu at Devinuwara is a popular local attraction. The annual festival held in July / August is the major event of the temple.

Weligama: About 15 km from Matara towards Galle is a popular resort town of Weligama. The town is famous for its beaches. The rest house at Weligama is one of the oldest rest houses in Sri Lanka. The Aggrabodhi Vihara about 1 km from the rest house towards inland is an ancient temple established in the 3 century BC.

Tangalla:Tangalla, located 48km east of Matara, is one of the most pleasant places in the region for a lazy beach holiday. Facing east, the village center straddles a freshwater lagoon where a small river flows into the sea, with a fishing harbour at its mouth. North of the harbour is the long stretch of white sand known as Medaketiya. To the south, beyond a low headland, is a series of small sandy coves.

Mulgirigala Rock Temple:At Mulgirigala, 16krn north of Tangalla, this cave temple in a monolithic rock contains reclining Buddha figures in smiling repose as well as standing and seated Buddha figures, surrounded by wall paintings depicting scenes from the life of the Buddha. A Buddhist shrine crowns the rock.

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