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By air

Airports nearest to Matamoros are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
  Torreon Airport (distanced approximately 17 km)
  Durango Airport (distanced approximately 200 km)
  Saltillo Airport (distanced approximately 230 km)
  Monclova Airport (distanced approximately 240 km)
  Zacatecas Airport (distanced approximately 300 km)

By car

If you follow International Blvd. south out of Brownsville, you'll cross over a short toll bridge and immediately be on Av. Alvaro Obregon. Border customs and security in the Mexico direction is light, at worst a cursory glance-over, after which you'll immediately find yourself plunged into the streets and traffic of Matamoros.
If you're only planning to visit the "border zone," an area extending roughly 25 kilometers south from the border, you won't need a vehicle importation permit or a tourist card. If you intend to venture farther into Mexico, however, it's easiest to obtain your vehicle importation permit first thing at the border. Right after crossing the international bridge, you'll see a white building on your right housing all offices you may need to deal with: the Mexican Tourist office, Banjercito branch, and several Mexican automotive insurance vendors.

Key places to visit
Museum of Contemporary Art, Agrarianism Mexican Museum, Museum of Casamata, The Tamaulipas beach, The Olympic Park


Places to Visit

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art is created as a local handicraft center, during the eighties became a museum after 2002 Maize and cultural center of contemporary art, with activities such as exhibitions and theater. Includes still FONART shop with crafts from throughout the country.

Agrarianism Mexican Museum

Agrarianism Mexican Museum is dedicated to the colonization of land, land reform and expropriation landowners. The origins of the museum is the expropriation and subsequent distribution of the Sheep Finance, owned by a relative of the dictator Porfirio Diaz , among workers who worked one of the first actions of reform of the Mexican Revolution.

Museum of Casamata

Fortress of Casamata, converted into Museum Casamata in 1970, was a bastion that now guards a fine collection of prehispanic figurines and artifacts dating from central historic moments the Spanish colonist era, the Mexican War of Independence, and the contentious Mexican Revolution.Unique and curious items are also exhibited, such as an iron casket where the remains of fearless General Canales once rested and the dark tunnels lounged beneath the construction, inevitable reference for local horror stories.The existence of a multipurpose hall and newspaper library also provide extra interest to the museum.

The Tamaulipas beach

The beach is one of Baghdad's most beautiful beaches found in Tamaulipas, is ideal to come on vacation, to spend a nice weekend, because its waters are warm and the climate favors to spend a pleasant day in all aspects .

The Olympic Park

The Olympic Park Culture and knowledge, that has a Infotek and outdoor theater, located in the old Estero del Bravo.

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