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By Air

Maringa Regional Airport (IATA: MGF, ICAO: SBMG) is the airport serving Maringa, Brazil.It is named after Silvio Name Junior (1967-2000) a local businessman and politician who died on an air crash.It is operated by Terminais Aereos de Maringa – SBMG, a semi-independent Transportation Authority of Maringa, indirectly related to the Municipality of Maringa and under the supervision of Aeroportos do Parana (SETR).The airport serves an area composed of the city of Maringa and neighboring communities, with a total number of 2 million inhabitants.The new terminal was built between October, 1994 and September 16, 2000.It began operating on April 25, 2001.The airport is very modern and the runway of the airport is capable to handle major regional and domestic flights.Its terminal is designed to handle more than 430,000 passengers per year.The airport has service with over 120 parking places for cars.

By Train

Maringa has terminal of ALL ( America Latina Logistica ), which makes no transportation of commercial cargo, Maringa linking the various states of Brazil, like Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso, also ALL Maringa league to nine cities in Argentina through the railroad.

By Road

For Maringa spend several highways linking the state of Parana and also lead to other countries (Paraguay and Argentina) and states (Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul).The various highways that pass through Maringa special attention is given to the PR-323 , which is becoming a real "highway of death".The highway extends for 210 km between the towns of Maringa and Ipora, through the municipalities of Paicandu, Dr. Campbell, Cianorte, Tapejara, Cruise West, Umuarama, Perobal Cafezal and South the highway PR-323 in asphalt pavement has single lane and movement of heavy vehicles 2008 survey by an independent organization shows that the daily movement exceeds 30,000 vehicles due to the movement many accidents are recorded including deaths urgently needed their duplication.

By Bus

The city tries to alleviate the problem with the deployment of more buses at peak times.However, with the ticket cost of $ 2.20 for anyone who owns the electronic card Easy Pass and $ 2.60 for those who pay cash fare on buses common Maringa ends up having a higher fare of the south if taken into account travel time and distances between neighborhoods and downtown. In Expressinho who uses the card price is $ 2.60, cash is $ 3.00.These are factors that further complicate the problem of traffic and causes that create the culture in people purchasing a vehicle instead of using the public transportation . Another way that was adopted to improve the transit of Maringa, was the Binary System, this system has made the avenues Sao Paulo, Herval, Duque de Caxias and Parana stay with just one sense.

Key places to visit
Maringa Film Festival, Calil Haddad Theatre, Cathedral of Maringa, Inga Park


Places to Visit

Maringa Film Festival

is a festival annual film from 2004 that happens usually in the month of May in the city of Maringa, Parana.The festival awards short, long, animation and documentaries in Brazil in various categories and formats (digital and 35 mm ) and of course to honor individuals.There are also side events such as theater workshops, discussions and exhibits parallel always according to the theme of the issue. In his last achievements was displayed mainly the festival on the campus of State University of Maringa.The symbol awards is the Wedge Steel Trophy.

Calil Haddad Theatre

is a playhouse in the city Brazil of Maringa, in Parana.It was inaugurated on December 30th of 1996 and is the largest in the region north of the state, leading to the name of the pioneering work maringaense playwright, with capacity for 797 people, 582 and 215 seats in the audience at the counter.The structure also houses the Museum of History and Art Helenton Borba Courts and the Division of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Maringa.

Cathedral of Maringa

is the highest cathedral in Latin America.It was inspired and conceived in the era of " Sputniks "(the word" poustinikki "means the pilgrim who departs the world to get closer to God.Its architecture is modern and bold was designed by Dom Jaime Luiz Coelho and designed by architect Jose Augusto Bellucci.Monument is the 10th time in the world and second in South America.conical has a diameter of 50 meters and a single nave circular with an internal diameter of 38 meters.The cone has an external height of 114 meters holding a cross of 10 meters a total of 124 meters.Its capacity is 3,500 people which can be divided into two overlapping internal galleries.

Inga Park

is a forest conservation area of 47.3 hectares in the city of Maringa, State of Parana, and the area still preserves the original layout of the city. Opened in September 22 of 1975, was declared conservation area as a permanent Municipal Park in 1991, the Municipal Organic Law .Created in 1943, the Park of Inga was even in the 1970s, only one forest reserve maintained in the layout of the city.The forest has been preserved in the process of urbanization in obedience to the law to protect the springs.With its natural beauty, wildlife sanctuary in the urban center, attracts over one million visitors per year - mostly students from the region and other states.The park is one of the inga series of both scientific and recreational activities and educational.Throughout the years, students of Biology (and related areas) of the State University of Maringa EMU and others in the region, conduct regular monitoring of environmental education targeting visitors from all over Brazil and teaching about the great biodiversity of the site.At the site, also runs a living laboratory where everyone can learn in practice the meaning of words linked to environmental preservation and conscientization.

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