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Amazonas - Brazil
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By Air

Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes International Airport dates back to the mid-1970s and has two large passenger terminals, both of which have recently been modernised. The main international destinations are Panama City (Copa Airlines), Atlanta (Delta) and Miami (TAM Airlines), while domestic Brazilian destinations are served by Gol Airlines, TAM Airlines and Trip, and include Belem, Brasilia, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia and Sao Paulo.

By Bus and Coach

Long-distance bus transport in Manaus is far from extensive, since there are only a handful of destinations that you can actually reach by road, although one route does head as far as Venezuela. The bus station is fairly small and is located on the Rua Recife, around 6 km / 4 miles to the north of downtown. Notable bus companies include Aruana and Eucatur, and between them they provide an inexpensive way to travel to Boa Vista (12 hours), Itacoatiara (four hours), Presidente Figueiredo (one hour and 30 minutes) and Silves (seven hours). Many long-distance buses come with air conditioning, comfortable seats and even an onboard toilet.

 By Boat

Manaus has become something of a major destination for boats, with many sailing along the Amazon River. Scenic cruises travel here from as far afield as the city of Belem, which is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. This particular journey lasts around five days and is an extremely scenic cruise, passing Santarem en route. Other boat destinations include Porto Velho and even Tabatinga, next to the Colombian border.

Key places to visit
River Beaches, Parque do Mindu, Jardim Botanico Adolpho Ducke, Zoologico do CIGS


Places to Visit

River Beaches

A number of enticing river beaches are situated just a short distance from central Manaus, often being reached by boat and at their best between August and November, when the water level noticeably drops. The Praia de Ponta Negra (Ponta Negra Beach) is amongst the most visited and is just 13 km / 8 miles away, lying on the banks of the Rio Negro. Many leisure attractions are based around the Ponta Negra Beach, including an enormous amphitheatre capable of accommodating audiences of up to 15,000 people. A short distance upstream is the Praia da Lua (Lua Beach), which is accessed by motor canoes. Also of note is the Praia do Tupé (Tupé Beach), which is a little further from Manaus, being around 35 km / 22 miles away and popular with bathers at the weekend.

Parque do Mindu

The Parque do Mindu resides roughly 6 km / 4 miles from the centre of Manaus and has become an important recreational space in the city, covering an area of approximately 80 acres / 33 hectares in total. Created in the early part of the 1990s, Mindu Park features a series of interconnecting trails and elevated walkways, as well as an orchid house filled with flowers. Other notable attractions include landscaped gardens, various environmental initiatives and a large amphitheatre, where frequent open-air performances are staged each year. However, most come here hoping to catch a glimpse of the shy and extremely small pied bare-faced tamarin (Sanguinus bicolor), a vanishing species that has now become critically endangered. Guides are available if you are having trouble locating the tamarins and suggest that the best time to look is early in the morning and towards the end of the afternoon.

Jardim Botanico Adolpho Ducke

Located within a vast ecological reserve topping 200 square kilometres / 39 square miles in size, the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden contains an enormous selection of Brazilian flora and fauna, representing a cross-section of life beneath the lush rainforest canopy of the Amazon. A network of pathways leads visitors to numerous attractions, such as a library, plant nurseries and a popular restaurant. Guides are available should you need a hand finding your way around, or wish to learn more about the plethora of wildlife living here.

Zoologico do CIGS

Owned and operated by the Brazilian Army, the Zoologico do CIGS is open to members of the general public and has grown to become a popular attraction suiting all the family. The zoo specialises in native animals, many of which have been rescued by soldiers during their time training in the Amazon Jungle. There are about 300 different species living here, such as anaconda snakes, tapirs and jaguars, although some of the enclosures might be considered a little on the small side and in need of upgrading.

Right Time to Visit

January - April