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By Air

Malatya's airport and Erhac Airport is 26 kilometers west of the city center and there are daily domestic flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.Since 2007 there have also been international flights during the summer months.These international flights are especially from German cities to Malatya and most of the passengers are Turkish citizens who are now living and working in German.

By  Train

The city is at a key junction in Turkey’s road and rail network.By rail, it also serves as the junction for Aleppo through Syria-Samsun line.There are daily services of 4 Eylul Mavi Treni from Ankara.The Mavi Tren departs at 3:10PM, arriving in Malatya at 7AM next morning and has couchette and soft sleepers, a restaurant car as well as standard seating cars attached.From Istanbul, Guney Express and Vangolu Express which are bound for further southeast and east from Malatya respectively, call at Malatya station on alternating days, 6 times a week.They share the same route for most part of their long journey across the country calling at Izmit, Eskisehir, Ankara, Kayseri and Sivas among many other smaller towns and cities before arriving to Malatya.Their paths diverge east of Malatya while Guney Express heads for Diyarbakir and Batman, Vangolu leads to Tatvan on the Lake Van via Elazıg and Mus.

By Bus

The bus terminal is located 5 kilometers west of the city center and there are regular intercity services to and from Ankara, Istanbul and Gaziantep.The railway station lies at a distance of 3 kilometers west of the city center and daily express trains run to Elazig, Diyarbakir, Istanbul and Ankara.Both these stations are easily reached by taxis and dolmus services.

Key places to visit
Malatya Fair Festival, Malatya Museum, Mount Nemrut, Malatya International Film Festival, Waterfalls Park, New Mosque


Places to Visit

Malatya Fair Festival

Malatya Fair and Apricot Festivities has been held since 1978, every year in July, to promote Malatya and apricots and to convene the producers to meet one another.During the festivities, various sports activities, concerts and apricot contests are organized.Near Apricot Festivities, there are also some other annual activities on summer.Cherry Festivities at Yesilyurt District of Malatya and Grape Festivities at Arapgir District are organized annually.

Malatya Museum

Since Malatya has abundant and rich resources in terms of archaeological and ethnographic works, a museum building has been needed.The museum taken into service in 1969 is a temporary building was moved in 1979 to its new place near Kernek Park whose construction was started in 1975.Information Relating to the Works in the Museum.The number of the works re arranged and taken into exhibition in the museum is 15.518.In the museum the fossils found in especially the sand mines or sand rocks in Malatya region, Neolithic, Calcolithic, Bronze Period finds Hittite, Urartu, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Period works are exhibited.

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut lays on the border between Kahta district of Adıyaman and Pütürge district of Malatya with a 2,150 meters altitude.The mountain is 94 km. away from Malatya city center.The hill which looks like the peak of the mountain at first sight is a cairn with a 50 meter estimated altitude and 150 meter estimated diameter.The 2,150 meter high glorious pyramid the intersection point of Eastern and Western Civilizations the 8th wonder of the world Nemrut is listed under the UNESCO's World Heritage of Culture List with its fascinating statues with approximately 10 meter height and very high inscriptions.Along with the giant statues and mausoleum it hosts Mount Nemrut attracts visitors with the most gorgeous sunrise and sunset views on the earth man can ever see.Every year thousands of visitors come here to watch the sunrise and sunset view of Mount Nemrut.With the monuments of Kommagene Civilization, that surround the mountain, Mount Nemrut which is listed under the UNESCO's World Heritage of Culture List is also one of the most important national parks of Turkey.

Malatya International Film Festival

The 2nd edition of Malatya International Film Festival will be held between 18-24 November, 2011 in Malatya, Turkey. An international feature film competition will be held within the framework of the 2nd Malatya International Film Festival which aims to encourage the young filmmakers. A national feature film competition will be held for the first time at the 2nd edition of the festival. Like last year, the national short film competition will also continue at the festival.With participation of international and national guests, Malatya International Film Festival will carry out a unique cinema festivity in Eastern Turkey with its international competition, thematic sections, premiers, special screenings and cinema courses.

Waterfalls Park

A park on the side of a hill with lots of water features.A man-made waterfall running through a concrete canal and getting stronger at each upper cascade is the main attraction.The park surrounds a small hydropower plant harnessing the power of the waterfall which, actually why the waterfall exists in the first place although the plant is not open for visits.Some open-air cafes line the cascading water canal Free.

New Mosque

A beautiful mosque built in 1912 and perhaps the only one in Turkey featuring three minarets.The one on the side top of which was demolished long ago was perhaps the minaret of an older mosque on site Free.Just across the street from the New Mosque at the front yard of Governer's Office is the last standing statue of Ismet Inonu a native of the city and the second president of Turkey (in office 1938-1950) who was later blamed for instituting a cult of personality for himself after the death of Turkish Republic's founder Kemal Ataturk.

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