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By Bus

The City of Lund is responsible for providing, regulating and coordinating local public transport, including the city bus service and assisted transportation for the elderly and disabled. These services are operated by private companies under contract to the City. The city buses are easily identified by their green colour.Regional public transport is provided by Skanetrafiken, which operates both buses and trains. Skanetrafiken's buses are yellow and the ever-popular Pagatagen - Skanetrafiken's commuter trains - are purple.

By Train

Trains from Copenhagen take 35 minutes from København H (Copenhagen Central Station) to Malmö. They leave all day from Elsinore (Helsingør), traversing the east coast of Sjælland, before crossing CPH centre and then crossing the Öresund bridge to Malmö, also connecting Kastrup airport to the city. Extra trains leave in peak hours from København H (Copenhagen Central Station) to Malmö Svågertorp, on the southern fringes of the city with bus connection to the centre, making it 6 trains an hour. Expect to pay 190 SEK for a return ticket to Kastrup airport or Copenhagen Central.

Key places to visit
Cathedral Crypt, Museum of Cultural History, Tegnersplats, Drotten Church, University Library


Places to Visit

Cathedral Crypt

In the crypt - the oldest part of Lund Cathedral - are the tombs of Archbishop Birger (d. 1519) and Archbishop Herman. The well, with inscriptions in Low German, was the work of a Westphalian master named van Düren who lived in Lund from 1512 to 1527. The roof of the crypt is borne on stone piers. The figures on the piers are traditionally believed to represent a giant named Finn, who is said to have built the cathedral for St Lawrence, and his wife.

Museum of Cultural History

 In Lund's Tegnérsplats is the Museum of Cultural History (Kulturhistoriska Museet; popularly known simply as Kulturen), an open-air museum with farmhouses, pastors' houses and town houses from all over southern Sweden; particularly notable is an old church from Bosebo in Småland. There are also collections of pottery, porcelain, textiles and folk art. To the south, in Kraftstorget, are the Historical Museum and the Cathedral Museum.


In Tegnérsplats, at the southeast corner of Lundagården, is a monument to the Swedish poet Esaias Tegnér (1782-1846), author of "Frithiof's Saga", a romantic cycle on an Old Norse theme. His house in Gråbrödergatan is now a museum.

Drotten Church

On Lund's Kattensund, southwest of Stortorget (tourist information office), are the remains of the Drotten church, excavated in 1984 and 1985. The site is open to the public.

University Library

At the north end of Sandgatan in Lund are the Bishop's Palace and beyond it the University Library, which possesses old 12th century manuscripts and some 2.5 million volumes in all fields of knowledge. Near the Library are various other University buildings and the campus of the College of Technology. In this area too is the Zoological Museum.

Right Time to Visit

March - October