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By plane

 Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport (IATA: LCJ, ICAO: EPLL) used to be a charter-only airport for many years but it is now changing with Ryanair flying from:

    Edinburgh (EDI) (twice weekly)
    Dublin (DUB) (twice weekly)
    London Stansted (STN) (every day)
    Nottingham East Midlands (EMA) (every other day)

By train    

 Lodz Fabryczna is a centrally-located terminal station for domestic trains (but the announcements are in English too). All trains to Warsaw leave from this station.

By car

The nearby city of Stryków will soon become an important highway junction and when it happens Łódź will probably have the best road connections among all Polish cities. The people in the city are very enthusiastic about it despite the fact that the development plans have been changing constantly over the last decade so there is no real guarantee even now that they will be carried out

By bus

Polski Express and ELA that used to connect Lodz to Warsaw and other major cities do not operate anymore. There is number of small minibus and bus companies that offer connections between Lodz and number of cities (big and small) around Poland. There also some minibuses that go to Okęcie airport. You should be able to find most up to date information on Lodz Fabryczna station.


Key places to visit
Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Muzeum Sztuki, ms2 (Muzeum Sztuki to square), Muzeum Historii Miasta Lodzi


Places to Visit

Litzmannstadt Ghetto
  The Litzmannstadt Ghetto was the second largest Jewish Ghetto in Poland after the Warsaw Ghetto. The Ghetto is both referred to as the Lodz Ghetto and the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, named after the German General who captured the city. The city was renamed Litzmannstadt in honor of the General during the German occupation. The ghetto is different from many of the other large ghettos, because it was the last ghetto to be liquidated due to the high productivity of the slave laborers and no armed resistance was ever formed.

Muzeum Sztuki

      It was one of the first museums of modern art in Europe and it has a really impressing collection of Polish and international 20th century art. The building itself belonged to the Poznański family, same as the palace where Muzeum Historii Miasta Łodzi is located. (Tip: after leaving the museum take Gdańska street and go 50 meters up north to see the beautiful building of the Music Academy - previously also one of the houses of Izrael Poznański

ms2 (Muzeum Sztuki to square)

Ms2 is dedicated mostly to the Collection of 20th and 21st Century Art. The museum is located in a building of 19th century weaving plant (former part of Poznański family textile manufacture, modern days part of shopping mall ‘’’Manufactura’’’ ). This museum should be consider as a extension to the ms (Muzeum Sztuki) and even name shows that ms2 is second and also has bigger expositions area.

Muzeum Historii Miasta Lodzi

Various beautiful rooms with exhibitions dedicated to some of the most famous people from Lodz including writer Julian Tuwim, pianist Artur Rubenstein, and collections of items from the daily lives of those who have lived in Lodz throughout the years.

Right Time to Visit

December - February
June - August