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Sao Paulo
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By Air

Limerick Airport (ICAO: SDYM) has a track 875 meters long, use private executive hangars and headquarters of Directors of the former airfield in the Aero Club hangar.It is intended for small aircraft and medium businesses, as well as teaching aerobatics pilot, located about 4 km from the city center.Coordinates: SDYM - Airport - Limerick 223614S/0472443W.A new larger airport with two runways of 1,800, one takeoff and one landing and taxi is already being built on the margins of Mogi Mirim-Limerick highway close to the border with the City Engineer Coelho.

By Bus

Limeirense The transportation is done by two companies that operate the 25 existing lines, serving 2 million people according to data from 2005.The terminal's central city is located next to the bus station.The city has a bus line to bus intercity and interstate that opened in 1982.There are 21 companies in operation, serving an average of 47,000 passengers per month based on data from 2005.A new road is under construction in the city.

By Ferry

The city is also served by the waterway through the Tiete-Parana River Piracicaba with the completion of a dam in Santa Maria da Serra.

By Road

The city of Limerick is located near the junction of three important roads of the State: Anhanguera Highway (SP-330), Washington Luiz Highway (SP-310), Bandeirantes Highway (SP-348) Other highways serving the city are: Mogi Mirim-Limerick-Piracicaba (SP-147), Limerick-Iracemapolis Highway (SP-151), Limerick Road, Cosmopolis (SP-133), Santa Barbara Road - Iracemapolis (SP-306 ), Route Artur Nogueira, Limerick and Limerick-American Highway-Cordeirópolis (SP-017).

Key places to visit
Museum of History Teaching Major Jose Levy Sobrinho, Victoria Theatre, Cave square, Karting Hall of Limerick, Major Jose Levy Sobrinho Stadium, Limerick city Park


Places to Visit

Museum of History Teaching Major Jose Levy Sobrinho

was created in 1963, also integrates the Municipal Cultural Center and is located in the building of the old school group Flaminio Colonel Ferreira.Its collection of more than three thousand pieces, which can be found photos and engravings dating back to town when it was just a village.There are also oil portraits of inhabitants of the past and a series of objects that belonged to the old elementary school Flaminio Colonel Ferreira.Blackboard, abacus, the first ink and portfolios used by the school are some of the curiosities.The building also operates the Museum of Image and Sound of Limerick, which preserves recordings and testimony from limeirenses a newspaper library with over 1800 old newspapers and magazines, photo albums and discs.The city will also include two major museums, one of them is the Museum of Jewelry Crust because the city is the great national center of industry and the second is the Museum of Fruit.

Victoria Theatre

Limerick was the first city of Sao Paulo to have a theater.The first theater in the city was called the Theatre of Peace, located in Toledo Barros Square opened in 1882 and still unfinished.Named to celebrate the peace after the War of Paraguay.In 1885 the theater neoclassical had completed their work.It worked until the year 1940 when it was demolished to make way for Cine Victoria, then a modern building art deco.In 1996, the Victoria Cinema was renovated to become a theater.The current Victoria Theatre with capacity for 670 people is located in Toledo Barros Square in the same place where was built the first playhouse in the city.In addition to plays, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, dance, hosts exhibitions in the lobby.The city also has the Amphitheatre Environmental Education Roberto Burle Marx, with one hundred seats in the municipal zoo, and the Bureau of Education Auditorium, former Cine Boa Vista in the neighborhood namesake with a capacity of four hundred people.The city is building the new theater "Nair Bello" with capacity for 400 people close to the Teacher Training Center.

Cave square

is located in Toledo Barros Square the center of Limerick and was originally designed to serve as a bandstand was inaugurated in mid- 1920.Authored by Ettore Monti its architecture is predominantly Mannerist, depicting a castle medieval, with a maze drawn on the summit reproducing a design that is found in many ancient representations, which found in such currencies Greek of Knossos minted between century BC to the sixth century BC.The cave where they operated a cafe and a bomboniere between 1946 and 1967 was renovated in 1990.

Karting Hall of Limerick

The kart track has a runway 1,200 meters long, 8 meters wide, long straights, heavy braking, fast cornering, dive and low-speed curves with various types of tangencies.The route is considered more selective in Brazil.Recently reopened in 2006 received an asphalt polymer composition where durability is greater.Riders have competed at this track and Rubens Barrichello, Christian Fittipaldi, Tony Kanaan and Helio Castroneves.The kart track has parking, male and female toilets, snack bar and covered 27 boxes.

Major Jose Levy Sobrinho Stadium

is a football stadium in the city of Limerick in the state of Sao Paulo.The name of the stadium is due to the fact that the donor of the land where the stadium is built is called Major Jose Levy Sobrinho, so this name was placed in his honor.The popular name of the stadium is Limeirao.The first game was against a team of Corinthians where the result was 3-2 to Corinthians.It has a record crowd of 44,000 people at the time of his inauguration was the second largest stadium in Sao Paulo, behind only the Morumbi in the capital.With the construction of other major stadiums in Campinas, Ribeirao Preto, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Presidente Prudente, Sertaozinho, among others the stadium has lost its status as its larger interior.

Limerick city Park

located in an area of 98,647 m2 in the village hall belonging to St. John and have held leisure facilities and municipal services, such as the equestrian hall, Ceprosom (Centre for Social Promotion Hall) Grandpa Lucato the Municipal Gymnasium, the park was opened in September 2007.It also biking with 1000 meters, two snack bars, playground and playroom.In the same area, there was a large building that was abandoned for years and now houses the Museum of Jewelry Crust, the Teacher Training Centre and a new theater with capacity for 400 people.

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September - January
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