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Czech Republic
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By train

Rail from Prague to Liberec is quite slow and there's no direct train from Prague.With change in Turnov the trip time is two times longer than by bus four regional expresses a day.The Sachsen-Bohmen-Ticket can be useful.

By bus

Buses depart from Cerny most metro station, the terminus station on the yellow line (B) up to 25 times per day with Student Agency.Dopravni podnik mesta Liberce also operates a bus service from the same station.As of 2009, adult tickets are KC 95 and journey time is 1 hour 5 minutes.

Key places to visit
Dr. Edvard Benes Square, Jested Mountain, Centrum Babylon, Lusatian Mountains, Regional Science Library, North Bohemian museum, Botanical garden, Theatre of F.X. Salda


Places to Visit

Technical University of Liberec

Is a public university in Liberec, Czech Republic.Its roots lie in the Technical College of Mechanical Engineering, which was founded in 1953.The college was promoted to a university and took its current name in 1995.There are currently more than 8,000 students enrolled in six faculties and one institute: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies and Institute of Health Studies.

Jested Mountain

Is a well-known dominant of Liberec city with a famous tower on the top.The tower built in 60's has an unique hyperboloid shape, naturally extending the silhouette of the mountain.It serves as a hotel and TV transmitter.By good weather you can overlook most of northern Bohemia as well as part of Germany and Poland from the summit. Take a tram No 3 to Horni Hanychov and then either by hiking one of the trails or by cableway (Kc 60) to the top.

Centrum Babylon

Rebuilt from an former textile factory, the Babylon is one of the largest Czech entertainment complexes.It offers aquapark,lunapark,3D motion simulator,golf simulator,laser game,wellness center an many others.

Lusatian Mountains

Are lower than Jizera mountains but also less touristy and surely worth to visit.Military enthusiasts will be interested in remnants of interwar Czechoslovak fortification system with a lot of deserted concrete bunkers.Good start points are Rynoltice, Lvova and Jablonne v Podjestedi (train stops) or Jitrava (bus stop).

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