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Lansi-Suomen Laani
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By train

Travel from Helsinki to Lahti by train takes about an hour. The train service is provided by VR, the national train company. Trains are also preferred by locals, because they're fast and comfortable.

By bus

There is an almost hourly ExpressBus coach connection from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Lahti bus station operated, departing from platform 13 in front of the international flights terminal. The service operates round the clock, although there may be a gap of 1 to 2 hours between services in the small hours of the night. The trip takes between 1 h 15 min and 1 h 30 min depending on whether the service calls in towns on the way. In some cases, there is a change of coach at Kerava but it is well co-ordinated and easy. Tickets cost €20.50 (round trip €36.90) for adults, €10.30 for Finnish students (ISIC not accepted) and children of age 4-16. Children under the age of four travel free.

By car

Lahti is exactly 104 km from Helsinki, a one-hour drive on the expressway number 4 connecting the two cities.

Key places to visit
Sibelius Hall, Laune Family Park, Vesiurut, Pikku-Vesijarvi park., Sports Park (Kisapuisto)


Places to Visit

Sibelius Hall

Sibelius Hall (built in 2000) is an example of a modern wood construction and the largest wooden building built in Finland for 100 years. Finnish forests were the main inspiration for the architects. The building consists of four parts:

    the renovated ex-carpentry factory (the oldest industrial building still existing in Lahti, built by August Fellman in 1907 to serve as a kraft pulp factory with a sawmill, the building was extended many times and it served as a glass factory, wood meal factory, carpentry factory and wooden house factory),
    the Main Hall with wonderful acoustics,
    the congress centre and the Forest Hall (a beautiful lake scenery opening from Forest Hall's windows).

Guided tours for groups of 1-13 persons. The ex-carpentry factory was renovated into a restaurant, offices and cabinets. Sibelius Hall host about 800 events every year: about 140 concerts from classical music to rock, pop etc.

Laune Family Park

In Laune park, you'll have lots of fun. There's a traffic city, where you can drive with free bicycles and scooters. There are pipes and water, and parents can rest on grass while kids are having fun.

    Free of charge
    Bus no. 31 from Kauppatori stop A

    Vesiurut, Pikku-Vesijarvi park.

Vesiurut means water organs. Every day at 1PM and 6PM, at the park there is a small 15 minute concert. The fountain starts in unison with music from speakers up in the trees. There are some classical music pieces and some Finnish pop music pieces. You can sit on rocks around the fountain, but be aware - you can get wet ;) During the fall, there are also lights playing.
    Free of charge
    Very close to the city center

 Sports Park (Kisapuisto)

You can play almost anything in the sports park. There are tennis courts, a tennis wall, volleyball court, baseball field and of course a football field. Inside, there are tennis, badminton, and squash courts.
    Outside prices unknown
    Inside tennis €12/hour, squash and badminton €8/hour.


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