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Poltava Oblast
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By Train

The movement of trains in Kremenchuk started in 1870 year.In 1888 the town was connected to the Baltic port Lybava (now Liepaja).Same time it was built Kremenchug railway station.Besides the main train station is still Krukivsky railway station and several railway stations.Currently, rail transprtom of Kremenchuk can be reached In Kremenchuk to Kharkiv and Kyiv walk-express train, but sent only once a day.

By Road

The total length of paved roads Kremenchug and soil surface is about 400 km.Because mistoprohodyat international road M22, E584, national N08 and territorial T 1711.Kremenchug on its territory has a lot of road and railway bridges.The largest and most important is Krukivsky bridge over the Dnieper, connecting the right bank of the city, hooks with the left-bank.Because cities are two of the state highway designation: Boryspil - Dnepropetrovsk - Zaporozhye and Poltava - Alexandria.

By Bus

There is a bus station, is the center of intercity bus service.Since he sent buses to surrounding villages and towns.There are interstate routes.Buses and shuttles also depart from the railway and Central Market to Komsomolskaya.Bus route numbers 34 (for 2010).The total length of the bus route network is 311.7 km.The main urban mode of transport are flights minibuses, travel costs 2 rate. Getting on the bus costs from a rate to 2.50 USD.for commuter routes such as the village Old Biletskivka (route number 131).

Key places to visit
GI Petrovsky palace of culture, Kremenchug Museum, Makarenko Memorial Museum, Komsomol Park, Peace Park, Jubilee Park


Places to Visit

GI Petrovsky palace of culture

is the main cultural and artistic center of the city, which are numerous cultural and artistic and creative teams.Palace has always played a role as one of the greatest cultural centers of the city. With the power - space and technical equipment it best suited for cultural and social events - concerts, exhibitions, fairs, auktsioniv various profiles.Also in the palace located 26 national amateur clubs, 8 of which bear the title of People.In his stage tour theater groups from different cities of Ukraine and neighboring countries are all performances of folklore groups, stars: Ani Lorak, Tina Karol, Philip Kirkorov, Valery Leontiev, Valery Meladze, Potapov and Marina Nastya.Here are a variety of other events, promotions, shows, trade shows, etc. (for example, is held in the palace of castings to the popular television projects feed STB talent show Ukraine's Got Talent under the original name "Kremenchug Got Talent".

Kremenchug Museum

is a museum Opened 26 September 1975 year.The museum presents the natural and historical regional studies.Paleontological Museum's collection is the largest in the region.The museum's collection numbering over 60 thousand exhibits, is a scientific library, working students, students work through archival materials specialists.The library stock is 7500 units.Kremenchug Museum is methodological center for departmental museums in large enterprises of the city.Each year the Museum receives more than eighty thousand visitors, including - visitors to the city from near and far abroad.Every month in the exhibition halls of the museum exhibit shows artists, masters of arts and crafts.Become traditional exhibition of children's work and exhibition.18 May 2010 at the Museum held the "Night at the Museum" dedicated to International Day of Museums.

Makarenko Memorial Museum

is a house-museum of educator Anton Makarenko in Kremenchuk.The museum was opened in 1951 year, the parent house where Anton Makarenko was living in 1905-1911, 1917-1919 years.It was the first museum named teacher of the USSR.In 1976 he opened a memorial plaque on the museum building.In March 2008 the museum was looted.It was stolen in 1659 exhibits.According to the body was stolen a gold watch, awards, books with teacher's personal library.In 2007 the Project has been established exhibition hall of 200 square meters were going to bring back all the exhibits and the house to leave this as it was.But then this idea has not.After repair of 21 November 2011, the museum appears in gas heating.Premises repaired and outside (did whitewash) and inside.In repairing spent 79,000 USD.In 2012 it is planned to repair the roof.In continuation of repair in the museum is planned near the split square with trees, shrubs and landscape design.Now the museum presents Makarenko 34,000 exhibits.Among them Makarenko personal belongings, furniture and books his parents. Many of the exhibits presented for the first time.This chess, glasses, horn and violin.The greatest value are the metric and photography arrival Makarenko in 1937 year.

Komsomol Park

is a park in Kremenchuk.Park "Komsomolskaya" founded in 1970, the area of 60 hectares in the first Zanasyp.In fact it is the third turn the park.Total in the park were planted 14 thousand pieces of trees and shrubs 60 thousand pieces created an artificial pond, lake.Established with stone walled sleeve, which contained an appeal to the Komsomol in 2000 was to build new parks and commemorative memorial sign from the Union of German youth team for the construction of the pipeline Tyumen-western border of the USSR.Created memorable rides.In 1977 he planted 120 pieces silver maples in 1978 - 60 pieces hirkokashtaniv.The first plantations were established first graders all schools in the city in honor of the 100th birthday of V. Lenin in 1970.Near the lake was planted 3000 trees of different species: birch, poplar, willow, bird cherry, mountain ash.On sandy soils planted unpretentious breed: pine, robiniyu, black poplar and pyramidal, maple yasenelystyy, Elderberry.

Peace Park

is a park in Kremenchuk.The park is located Mira Hong.Park founded in 1983 in honor of the 40th anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders Kremenchuk.In the central avenues planted trees warriors-liberators.Species composition in the park represent the prickly fir, hirkokashtan, pine, willow, poplar pyramid, maple Cossack, hawthorn.

Jubilee Park

is a park Park is located left bank of the Dnieper River in the west bordering the park.Closing the second stage of the park in 1967 was devoted to the 50th anniversary of Soviet power.Its territory has established a memorial sign in honor of the favorites of the park.The park was created in landscape style.It was planted 18 thousand pieces of trees and shrubs.Since 1975, the Park has the status of monuments of landscape architecture.

Right Time to Visit

February - July
September - December