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North Rhine-Westphalia
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By Air

Krefeld has its own airport, the airport in the suburb of Krefeld-Egelsberg Traar.Auf the former airfield traffic Krefeld was built after the Second World War, the settlement as a completely new garden city suburb of Krefeld.

By Train

Krefeld is connected to the Deutsche Bahn network with several stations, including its main station, Krefeld Hauptbahnhof.They are served only by Regional-Express and Regionalbahn trains.The Dusseldorf-based Rheinbahn operates a Stadtbahn service to the centrally located Rheinstrabe stop.This line was the first electric inter-city rail line in Europe, established in 1898, and commonly called the K-Bahn because of the letter "K" used to denote the trains to Krefeld.Nowadays, in the VRR notation, it is called U76, with the morning express trains numbered as U70, the line number there being of a red colour, instead of the usual blue used for U-Bahn lines.The term K-Bahn, however, prevails in common usage.

By Ferry

Krefeld Linn has in a small inland port with connections to the Rhine River, with docks on the river and a turning basin at the rear end.Over the entrance to the port maintains a historic swing bridge.The shipping company has in Cologne-Düsseldorf Uerdingen a jetty.

By Bus

The road passenger transport service the U76, a standard gauge rail track of the Rhine, and four narrow gauge tram lines and numerous local and regional bus lines of the Krefeld SWK MOBIL.The U76, formerly K-rail, the railway Rhine Dusseldorf in Germany is the only tram in some respects a bistro-restaurant car.

By Road

Through the city of Krefeld leads north to south, the highway A 57 (Cologne - Nijmegen), which is south of Krefeld on the motorway intersection Meerbusch with the A44 crosses Dortmund - (Aachen - Kassel) and the north at the junction Moers A 40 Venlo.Furthermore, through the Federal Krefeld Traben B9 and B57, which goes over to the exit Krefeld-center in the A 57th The B 288 starts in Krefeld, while the B 509 ends here.

Key places to visit
Krefelder Zoo, Elfrather lake, Botanical garden Krefeld, German Textile Museum, Burg Linn Museum Center, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum


Places to Visit

Krefelder Zoo

was founded in 1938.It is home to an area of 13 ha is currently an animal population of approximately 1300 animals from 225 different species.Among the special attractions of the monkeys tropical house belong in which three ape species without dividers or separator live, the tiergeografisch structured bird tropical hall, which opened in 1998, rain forest home, the elephant training by Wolfgang Nehring, a bird free flight facility, and especially many rare animal species.The newest attraction is the wild cat preserve.Every year around 380,000 visitors to the zoo.

Elfrather lake

The recreation area Elfrather lake offers many opportunities for water sports and a swimming lake.The lake was created between the 1970s and 2000s from a gravel pit.At the 3 km long race track competitions in sailing, rowing and windsurfing are held. But divers, fishermen, joggers, walkers and boat modelers get their money.The lake is the venue for the rowing Elfrather Bundesliga (Crefelder by the Rowing Club 1883 eV).

Botanical garden Krefeld

offers visitors many exotic and native species in landscaped areas to consider.He is on the edge of the beautiful water parks in the borough Oppum-Linn (Bockum district).As early as 1928, developed the botanical garden out of a small school garden.Covering an area of 3.6 ha grow here now around 5,000 plant species in academic departments and theme gardens.Admission is free, except during special events.

German Textile Museum

is a museum, which in the old town of Krefeld - Linn is located.It makes textiles, clothing and woven fabrics from different cultures from.The German Textile Museum is one of the world's most important collections of historically valuable textiles and clothing.The collection includes over 25,000 objects from all over the world from antiquity to the present.There is no permanent exhibition there.Most of the pieces can not be issued or only temporarily because of their sensitivity.The museum therefore changes its exhibition of three to four times a year.It shows textiles from our own but also from foreign collections.Between the exhibitions, the museum is closed.The museum has been a large number of internationally acclaimed exhibitions shown.The spectrum of topics ranges from medieval textiles to East Asian textile art to fashion history and modern textile artists.Frequently, pieces from other collections are brought together and complemented by precious and rare pieces from its collection.

Burg Linn Museum Center

in Krefeld - Linn covers the Linn Castle, the hunting lodge in the forecastle, the Lower Rhine countryside museum and as an outpost of the Geismuhle.The Burg Linn is a polygonal round castle whose origins to the 12th Goes back centuries. 1704 the castle was during the Spanish Succession war completely destroyed.Only in 1926 was begun with the renovation.The castle became a state museum expanded.In the 1980s the castle was re-covered roof with a historically inappropriate.The roof of the keep was attached increases.This has since served as a lookout tower with a good panoramic view of the castle and Linn Park.Here today shows the origin of the castle and a gladiator's life to be shown on this.But also cultural events and weddings are held here.Parts of the castle can be rented for events.2004/2005, the Burg Linn Park as an outstanding example was in the street of garden art in the Rhine and Maas added.

Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

is a museum in Krefeld.The focus is now on the art of the second half of the 20th Century.Today, the focus of the collection lies in the second half of the 20th Century.With many significant works of Andy Warhol to Bruce Nauman and Thomas Schütte, spans the gamut from abstract sculpture on kinetics, Arte Povera, Nouveaux Realists, Pop, Minimal, Concept and Land Art to the growing strength in the 80s and 90s again figurative sculpture.Great importance is also the born in Krefeld, Joseph Beuys, who has linked to 1977, a group comprised of seven objects work there in 1984 to create an ensemble and in the museum with his works in this way is always present.

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