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Krabi Province
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By train

Krabi does not have a railway station. Most travellers head to Surat Thani and transfer onto buses to Krabi from there. See the Surat Thani page for train times and the "By Bus" section below for bus connections between Krabi and Surat Thani.

By bus

To/from Bangkok: Buses to/from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal take about 12 hours and depart as follows:
VIP bus at 07:20 (710 baht)
First class bus at 19:00 (486 baht)
Second class bus - 07:30, 19:00, 19:30, 21:00 - 378 baht

By car

Krabi is located just off Highway 4. It is 946km south of Bangkok, 180km by road to Phuket, and 70km to Phang Nga.

By boat

Ferries run from/to Ko Phi Phi, Ko Jum and Ko Lanta daily. Most depart in the morning. Tickets can be purchased at the dock or from tourist offices and most local guesthouses and hotels. The normal passenger ferry does not start from the center of town anymore, but from a new passenger port about 3 km outside Krabi. Free taxi transfer to the pier should be included in the price of your ticket. If your boat starts from the old piers in the center of town (Chao Fah pier or Phi Phi pier), you are most likely on a more expensive and longer tourist boat ride. Also, make sure that when you arrive at the airport the taxi driver takes you to the correct pier. Many times they'll take you to a travel agent near the old pier and sell you additional accommodations or services. Only ever buy the ticket you need. Prices will often get cheaper the closer you get to your next destination.

Key places to visit
Tiger Temple (Wat Tham Sua), Wat Kaew, The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum, Khao Kanab Nam


Places to Visit

Tiger Temple (Wat Tham Sua)

one of the most famous temples in Southern Thailand, located on top of a mountain about 3 km northeast of the Krabi town. There is a stairways with 1237 steps to the top to visit a tiger's footprint on the top of mountain. Those who make it to the top will also be rewarded with 360 degree views of the area and the sea.
To get here is just a few Km out of town and a couple from the bus station. Should cost no more than B200 in a taxi. As you walk in, you will see a huge Stupa on the right with steps leading up inside. Entrance fee is B199, but this is NOT the Tiger Temple!!!! Continue walking past the shop on the left, apparently run by the Temple, which advertises bananas to feed the monkeys (and then there are many notices which advise against feeding them because they are a pest - and they are, one tried to attack the Writer!) Shortly on the left you will see the steps upward (there is no cost for this but you can leave a donation at the top if you make it) Be careful! Many of the steps are quite steep! The Writer is 68 years old and the walk took some two hours of sensible walking to get to the top! If you have health problems, please think about this! His 48 year old companion did not make it! The younger people who were walking always asked about the Writer's health, which was good and caring of them. The view from the top is phenomena

Wat Kaew

Situated at the center of Krabi town, the new Buddhist temple in the province, Wat Kaew is the latest tourist attraction there. Although the typical Thai temples are painted white, and designed with gold edges and elaborate decorations, the new wat in Krabi has a much simpler look with an all-white color without any gold trim. However, the traditional Thai-style is still present. The temple stands on top of the hill where one has to climb a series of steps to reach the western part of the town center. Upon climbing on top, the first temple you’ll see has a modern design and there are more temples as you go along the main road.The Buddhist temple is a very important part of Thai culture since this is primarily the place of devotion, meditation and worship of the locals. When visiting Wat Kaew, you can see the beautiful steps lined with copper serpents and decorated extensively leading to the main temple. Besides the stunning look of the temples, you can also appreciate the beautiful view of the town from the hilltop. Similar to other temples, this wat also hosts festivals and religious events. During religious and cultural affairs, stage performances are showcased in front of the stage and there are also plenty of food vendors lining inside.

The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum

The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum can be considered as housing one of the most diverse and distinct art in Southeast Asia. The transformation of traditional Thai painting into modernization is due to gradual exposure of the natives to western influence. There are many renowned modern Thai artists exhibiting their masterpieces in contemporary art museums in Thailand. To introduce the Thai work of art to the entire people of Thailand, many province put up museums and art exhibit buildings to encourage others to participate and apply modern art.Currently, more and more Thai artists are embracing modern arts due to social awareness on the present issues occurring in the world: that includes environmental issues and politics. The number is on the rise, thus resulting to an increase on the varieties of artworks in the market. Along with their own perspectives of an ideal society, Thai artists usually merge the conventional Thai fundamentals together with contemporary techniques. Through the use of influential forms of media like performance art, photographs and installation art, they can express their artistic thought through these approaches.

Khao Kanab Nam

Khao Kanab Nam, the symbol of Krabi, two karst rocks situated next to each other. 15 minutes longtail boat can take you from the pier to the rocks, where you can walk up some stairs to the top.

Right Time to Visit

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