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By Air

It is served by two airports.The nearest is in Alexandroupoli (65 km) and the other is in Kavala (80 km).

By Train

Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) trains run regularly at least twice daily westwards to Thessaloniki and Athens and eastwards to Evros and occasionally Istanbul.

By Bus

There are a number of municipal buses serving 3 main lines within the city.The Intercity Bus Company of Komotini connects it to many local villages, the coastal areas and major Greek cities.

By Road

European route E90 runs through the city and connects Komotini with the other Greek Continental cities.The Egnatia Motorway (A2) lies south of the city.One can enter the city from one of two Junctions; 'Komotini West' and 'Komotini East'.

Key places to visit
Ecclesiastical Museum Metropolis Maronia and Komotini, Archaeological Museum, Folklore Museum, Byzantine Museum, Basketry Museum of Romans, Caratheodory Museum


Places to Visit

Ecclesiastical Museum Metropolis Maronia and Komotini

Since 1999, housed in Imaret Komotini.The museum exhibits are church (dating from the 16th to the 20th century) as icons, sacred vessels, vestments, manuscripts from churches in the region and donations refugees who settled in the Rhodope region.

Archaeological Museum

The museum exhibits are from the region of Thrace from the Neolithic to the Byzantine period.The museum opened in 1976 and was designed by architect Aris Konstantinidis.In terms of architecture, the building of the museum, considered one of the most modern city.The impressive exhibit is the golden bust of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (193-211 AD).The exhibits focus mainly on the presence of Greeks and Greek art in the northern Aegean and Thrace.

Folklore Museum

The museum is open since 1962 and is housed in the mansion which Peidis building as a sign of local folk architecture.The exhibits come from the region of Thrace and Asia Minor and include traditional costumes, embroidery, objects of bronze, wood, clay and silver, agricultural tools, traditional occupations and household items.Among the exhibits are and the personal effects of Athens Archbishop Chrysanthos (1881-1949) from Trabzon who was born in the Rhodope Gratini (a village about 13 kilometers northeast of Komotini).

Byzantine Museum

The museum (owned by the Foundation smear is considered a benefactor of the city) there are exhibits of Byzantine ecclesiastical objects, books, jewelry, coins and stamps.The museum was established in 1988 and inaugurated in 1991.Located adjacent to the County mansion and in the same building and auditorium is 420 seats.

Basketry Museum of Romans

The museum was created by Prodromos Emfietzoglou exposed in 1995 and wicker basketry objects rural household and the Romans from the region of Thrace (current areas of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey).According to the museum, the Romans, who lived, wandered in the region of Thrace to the 1960's tens of thousands of knitting baskets until the advent of the plastic where basketry declined.

Caratheodory Museum

Museum dedicated to Constantine Caratheodory who was originally from Thrace (New Vissa Evros) (Berlin 1873 - Munich 1950) who was leading contemporary Greek mathematician who excelled at the global level.

Right Time to Visit

February - April