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Kirovohrad Oblast
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By Air

Air Urga is an airline based in Kirovohrad, Ukraine.It operates international charter passenger and cargo flights from various Ukrainian airports to destinations in Greece, Slovakia, the Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria and Cyprus.Its main bases are Kirovohrad Airport (KGO) and Kryvyi Rih International Airport (KWG).

By Road

Runs through the city roads of European importance: Uzhhorod - Ternopil - Kirovograd - Donetsk - Dovzanskiy ( E50 ), Slobozia - Galati - Kishinev - Kirovograd - Poltava ( E577 ); regional roads: Kirovohrad - Nikolaev, Kirovograd - Aleksandrovka; railway Kotovsk - Pomichna - Banner Janka.

By Bus

Trolleybus motion in Kirovograd was opened on November 2 1967 year.Having survived the crisis in the early 2000s, in the middle of the decade the industry has been reanimated.As of October 2009 in the city worked 4 trolleybus routes (number number 1.3, 9.10).Trolleybus transport carries Ltd., Elisavetgrad transport company.Rolling stock: trolley ZiU-682, UMZ T2 and LAZ-E183.

Key places to visit
M. Kropyvnytsky Music and Drama Theatre, Kirovograd Regional Academic Puppet Theater, Museum of Heinrich Neuhaus, memorial museum of Alexander Osmorkina, Fortress of St. Elizabeth, Kovalivka Park of Culture, Funny Bokovenki park


Places to Visit

M. Kropyvnytsky Music and Drama Theatre

is a Regional drama theater in Kirovograd, the first professional Ukrainian theater, home theater scene Kirovohrad region.By decision of UNESCO in 1982, is widely celebrated century theater. In 2007 he was 125.And today in his repertoire Inspector Gogol, Chmyr M. ​​Kropivnitskogo, "featherbed" Alexander Ostrovsky, "Fox Nikita" Franko, "Republic on wheels" J. Mamontov, "Haydamaky" Shevchenko and others.Theatre fruitfully working with authors from different countries.Each year the theater invites Ukrainian Festival in September gems leading artistic collectives of the republic.This festival always begins in the capital of Ukrainian drama in the hamlet of Hope.Our dream to this festival attended wide diaspora and the world (Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Portugal), making this festival in the International as a sign of high respect and honor pioneers, claiming the strengthening and growth of our Ukrainian community.Theatre is open to cooperation on joint productions of the best plays that concern humanity, sharing creative Staged, referral and admission to the training of employees of the theater and other forms of cooperation with the Diaspora and foreign community.

Kirovograd Regional Academic Puppet Theater

Regional Puppet Theater is located downtown on the street.Transfiguration, house. 3, Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine.Kirovograd Regional Puppet Theater was founded in September 1939 year.During this time (as of late. 2000s) created over 140 productions. Among them are immortal classic works, and works by contemporary authors.Since 1976, the theater is at the center of the city address in modern Kirovohrad at the Bogdan Khmelnitsky.From December 1998, the puppet theater the director Gregory M. Pedko.Employees of the theater repeatedly thanked and awarded Diplomas of the Culture Administration and the Ministry of Culture Ukraine.In early December 2009, the theater held in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its founding. And on the eve of momentous anniversary - in November of that ( 2009 ), with the significant creative and production achievements, significant contributions in support of youth, promotion of Ukrainian Performing Arts Theatre was awarded the academic and it got its modern name - Kirovograd Regional Academic Theatre Puppet.During the celebrations but the concert program, prepared with children's area amateur teams and college theater students of Ukraine, present were invited to see a photo exhibition and slide show about the history and present Kirovograd puppeteers, and all comers were able perehlyanutty new theater show "Night Before Christmas "based on the same piece of Nikolai Gogol staged Honored Artist of Ukraine Yevhen Himelfarba dedicated to the anniversary.

Museum of Heinrich Neuhaus

a museum devoted to the life and work of pianist and teacher, writer and musical and social activist Heinrich Neuhaus, located in Kirovograd.The museum facility is located in building urban music school No. 1 in the center of the city of Kirovohrad at: str. Dzerzhinsky, 65, Kirovograd, 25006 Ukraine.Museum of Heinrich Neuhaus, created at the first music school named after GG Neuhaus city of Kirovohrad, was opened 12 April 1981 year.First, he functioned as a museum room, but with the completion of assembly, there is a need to expand the exposure - and then subsequently museum collection housed in two rooms.In 1990 the museum received the rank of G. Neuhaus people.Currently, the school has traditionally held great educational activities. Every year, including the efforts of creative collective institution, place Neyhauzivski musical meetings inviting eminent musicians-performers of our time.

memorial museum of Alexander Osmorkina

is a Memorial Museum, dedicated to the life and work of Russian and Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Osmorkina and Art Gallery - a collection of paintings of the artist and his students from various post-Soviet countries.The museum is located downtown at st. Palace, House. 89, Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine.Art Memorial Museum Osmorkina was opened in 1994 year.The museum is located in the house where he spent his childhood and teenage years a prominent artist of the first half of the twentieth century Alexander Osmorkin.House which is a monument built in 1899 in the style of their own neorosiyskomu architect J. V. Pauchenka, uncle Osmorkina.House originally consisted of six rooms, the interiors of their distinguished and carved stucco decoration, which, unfortunately, in the mid -1950s have been completely distorted.Active Museum in promoting cultural heritage Kirovohrad and art in general has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and various awards.The museum is open daily except Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00.

Fortress of St. Elizabeth

The fortress of St. Elizabeth was built near the southern border of New Serbia - Military settling region, established in 1752 to defend the Southern Ukraine from attacking Turks and Crimean Tatars. Decree on establishing the right bank Ingula castle of Empress Elizabeth signed January 11, 1752.The project approved July 30, 1752.Choice of location is due to approximately equal distance from the then existing fortresses Arkhangelsk (now Novoarkhangelsk) on Synyusi and Mishurynorizhskoyi on the Dnieper, which created a defensive line with three large fortifications, the intervals between which protected novoserbskymy trenches and Cossack outposts.The place chosen for the fortress artillery, General JF Glebov provided to him by February 3, 1752 special instructions.It approved the Senate at the meetings of 21 March and 1 April 1753.But due to the tense political situation of the construction was delayed and his decree came just beginning March 3, 1754.Ceremonial laying of the fortress was held June 18, 1754.Construction work was supervised engineer Colonel LI Mentselius.

Kovalivka Park of Culture

a small but cozy park in downtown Kirovohrad, traditionally a favorite place for recreation and leisure Kirovohrad locals and visitors alike.Park of Culture and Rest "Kovalivka" located in the center of the city of Kirovohrad - within a residential area Kovalivka in the space between the streets Palace, Frunze, Medvedev and Ordzhonikidze, which determines its small size (area 8.3 ha).The park has a quadrangle shape and radial branching paths.Park has aesthetic, educational, environmental and sanitary importance.In the park there are historical monuments, including several monuments, including Lenin and the Philharmonic, which is adjacent to the park from the street Medvedev.The park is divided playground, working a variety of attractions are restaurants and other public purposes.Kovalivka or the Palace and Park Boulevard when it was dissolved in Kovalivtsi in 50th years of XIX century. ordered by the military leadership.

Funny Bokovenki park

a park that is located in Dolynskyy district of Kirovograd region.Is part of selection and Arboretums station of the same name.Square Park 109 hectares (with Selection and Arboretums station - 543 ha).Lay Park in 1893, the David ML designed by Ukrainian artist, landscaper I. I. Padalka.In the construction of the park involved known parkoznavets OE Hegel advised of Academician GN Vysotsky and dendroloh E. L. Wolf. Forest planting carried out under the supervision of provincial forester OO Yatskevich.The owner of Park M. L. Davydov worked on its creation over 30 years.The park was created in landscape style, which was planted about 250 different species of trees and shrub species on the banks of the river Bokovenki an area 109.3 hectares.In 1960 the Park acquired the status of monuments of landscape architecture.In 1993 in honor of the century since the founding, Park acquired the name of its founder - David ML.In September 1999 the company was transferred to the Kirovohrad Oblast Forestry Department.

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