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By Air

The nearest international airport is Hamburg Airport, which is situated approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) to the south of Kiel.

By Train

Kiel has a central station with trains to Hamburg, Lubeck, Flensburg and to Husum.Since 1844, Kiel is connected to the rail network.The Kiel train station is the second largest train station in Schleswig-Holstein and one of the largest terminal stations in Germany.The three small stations or stops Suchsdorf keel, keel and keel Hassocks CITTI-PARK-Elmschenhagen only play a role for regional transport.Completely electrified since 1995, is the leading direction of Kiel, Neumunster, Hamburg route.Since then, Kiel is an endpoint of the ICE network of Deutsche Bahn. There are six daily flights to Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin, are also bound by a rule to Munich or Switzerland.

By Road

the two federal highways 210 and 215 on the A 7 Hamburg - Flensburg to the junction Rendsburg bzw.zum junction Bordesholm.Ferner lead the Federal Traben B 76 and B 202 is through the urban area and thus form an important and busy Stadtautobahn.Ab the cross Kiel Center start the B 76 as ausgebaut.Weiterhin autobahnahnliche street / ending federal Traben B 404 (will be extended to 21 a), B 502 and B 503 on the Stadtgebiet.Kiel Kiel was one of the two endpoints of the B 4 (the other is Nuremberg), was demoted to the keel section Quickborn because of the parallel A 7 country to trot.

By Ferry

Kiel is a significant port for passenger and cargo shipping from Germany to Scandinavia, the Baltic States, and Russia. Passenger ferries operate from and to Gothenburg in Sweden (Stena Line, 13½ hours, daily), Oslo in Norway (Color Line, 19½ hours, daily), and Klaipėda in Lithuania (DFDS Lisco, 21 hours, 6 times per week). Cargo ferries operate from and to Saint Petersburg in Russia (DFDS Lisco, twice a week), and Kaliningrad in Russia (NSA, once a week).

Key places to visit
Czech Industrial Museum, Kiel Botanical Garden, Kunsthalle Kiel, Theater Kiel, Kiel Fjord, U-Boat Memorial Mltenort


Places to Visit

Czech Industrial Museum

is the oldest surviving piece of evidence for the shipyard industry development on the eastern shore of the Firth of Kiel.In the metal foundry were items such as frame of portholes, control panels, valves, levers and fittings, and manufactured parts of the technology and equipment which, brass, copper or bronze existed.The design for this high-quality industrial architecture delivered by noted architect Henry Moldenschardt (1839-1891), a pupil of Gottfried Semper.In 1980 the disused foundry, whose right of use on 1 January 2005 the Museum of Industry Howald Czech Metal Casting Association has been delegated, with funds from the German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD) in the amount of 415,000 €, the URBAN II funding program of the European Community rehabilitated and donations Kiel citizens and members of the association and of Prime Minister Peter Harry Carstensen on the occasion the International Museum Day on 20 May 2007 opened as a museum.

Kiel Botanical Garden

is a scientific institution of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. It was established in 1669th Today's Botanical Garden shows around eight hectares in seven large greenhouses display a cross-section of the plant life from around the world. It is open daily from 9 clock for the general public.The botanical garden of Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel is located at the end of the Leibniz street, along the road "in the Botanic Garden." The nearest bus stop is called "Botanical Garden".

Kunsthalle Kiel

is an art museum in Kiel.Built in 1909, Kunsthalle Kiel building is located north of downtown, behind the castle garden, near the Kiel Fjord on a property, the purpose of establishing an art gallery of Lotte Hegewisch 1903, the University of Kiel was founded.The building has a staircase from the 1950s.In 1986 the museum was enlarged with an extension.With 2000 square feet of exhibition space it is the largest museum in the state capital.In addition, the Kunsthalle has an auditorium, a small self-service cafe and a sculpture garden.The museum houses the collection of which was founded in 1855 in Schleswig-Holstein Art Association.On display are paintings, sculpture, object art, photo and video works: 19th Century (Romantic painting and paintings of the Russian "traveling painter"), works by modern masters (German Impressionists and Expressionists like Emil Nolde, New Objectivity) and international art since 1945.The building has also decorated the 1986 Antiquities Kiel is a fairly extensive collection of casts and a few original pieces.She is at the University connected. Unfortunately, most of the original collection was destroyed in the war.

Theater Kiel

is the capital of the keel and supported by the Land Schleswig-Holstein jointly funded large theater in Kiel.With the four self-producing sectors ( music theater with Philharmonic orchestra, ballet, drama, children's and youth theater ), three different theaters, about 500 employees and an annual budget of more than 25 million €, it is one of the major theaters in Germany . Since 1 January 2007, the theater keel as an institution under public law (ipc) performed in the previous "Office of the stages of state capital Kiel" came up.General Director and Acting Director Daniel Karasek , music director Georg Fritzsch and Commercial Director, Ralf Kloeter form, the board of the theater AoR keel.Opera director Reinhard Norbert Linden and Aust for the Children and Young People's Theatre artistic director are the other divisions. For the 2010/2011 season to take ballet director Yaroslav Ivanenko and Heather Jurgensen, the ballet line.In the season 2007/2008, the theater celebrated its 100th anniversary in Kiel.

Kiel Fjord

is a 17 km long narrow fjord in the Baltic Sea, caused by glacial movements during the last Ice Age was born. It lies between the landscapes Danish Wold and Wagrien.When the keel joins Neumühlen Schwentine in the Kiel Fjord.In the Kiel Fjord is also the eastern entrance and exit in the North Sea-Baltic Canal, the North and Baltic region for the international shipping and combining the detour around the peninsula Jutland saves.At the narrowest point is to promote, a natural deep water port is only 1 km wide (Friedrichsort Enge) - there was the promotion by the fortress Friedrichsort secured.The Kiel Fjord stretches from the horn in the center of the city of Kiel to the outer fjord, in the Bay of Kiel passes.

U-Boat Memorial Moltenort

in Heikendorf at Kiel is one of the German War Graves Commission belonging memorial to the First World War and Second World War fallen soldiers of the German U-boat units and for all victims of the U-boat war.Furthermore, in the service who died U-boat sailors will Bundeswehr thought.On 8 Inaugurated in June 1930 and 1938 because of structural damage newly constructed building consists of a 15.30-meter-high pillars on which a 4.80-meter-high eagle (designed by Fritz Schmoll ) stands.In 2000 extensive Durchrostungsschaden to the steel inner support structure of the eagle was discovered, which made a renewal inevitable.Since 12 July 2001, the former Eagles plated copper plated with its outer skin made of iron by a faithful reproduction cast bronze (by: company Noack, Berlin) replaced.

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