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Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen
Kawn Ken
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Thai Airways flies from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and back again three times a day.

By train

State Railway of Thailand (SRT)

By bus

Busses to/from Bangkok's Northern (Moh Chit) Bus Terminal depart every 15 minutes from early until late.
For quicker service, avoid the touts at Moh Chit, and ask for Chan Tour. This company provides only VIP buses, which have very large seats and a bathroom. Alternatively Nakhon Chai Air (384 THB Highly recommended) has nice VIP buses which are cleaner (meals, drink, in-coach toilet) than Chan but with small seats. Nakhon Chai Air has a separate terminal from Moh Chit, about 1km away

By car

It's easy to get to Khon Kaen by car - just follow the four lane Highway .

Key places to visit
City Pillar Shrine, Khon Kaen National Museum, Bueng Kaen Nakhon, Treasure Hall, Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon or The 9-storey stupa, Wat Chai Si and Its Murals, Khon Kaen University, Sim Isan


Places to Visit

City Pillar Shrine

The sacred shrine is located in front of Sala Suk Chai, , on Thepharak Road in the compound of the Khon Kaen Municipality Office. A famous monk and former governor of Khon Kaen placed a stone inscription from an ancient site in Amphoe Chum Phae here for a Buddhism rite and set up the city pillar shrine.

Khon Kaen National Museum

Located on Lang Sun Ratchakan Road, the museum exhibits antiques and precious art pieces from pre-historical to historical periods as well as a skeleton of the New Stone Age man and tools found at Ban Chiang.

Bueng Kaen Nakhon

Acquiring an area of 603 rai, the lake is in the municipality of Amphoe Mueang. By the lake is a monument of Chao Phia Mueang Phaen, founder of Khon Kaen. The shady park around the lake decorated with sculptures always attracts people to relax and enjoy recreation.
Treasure Hall

Established to strengthen the local identity and serve as a study centre, the local museum exhibits the history of the city as well as the people’s lifestyle from the yesteryears through the contribution of senior citizens. The exhibitions include Khon Kaen town, history of Khon Kaen and ancient culture dating back to over 5,000 years ago, city establishment, city outlook and Khon Kaen lifestyle, and culture and tradition of Khon Kaen at present.

Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon or The 9-storey stupa

Located in Wat Nong Waeng, a royal temple on Klang Mueang Road, the Phra Mahathat houses relics of the Lord Buddha and important Buddhist scriptures. Doors and windows of the 9 storeys of the stupa are beautifully carved, featuring the life and former reinearnations of the Lord Buddha, 16 classes of visible deities in the Brahma’s world, and Buddhist rites. Murals within the stupa feature history of the town. The top floor, on the 9th storey, houses relics of the Lord Buddha. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the town from there.

Wat Chai Si and Its Murals

The temple is located at Ban Sawathi, Tambon Sawathi, and, being of archaeological, historical as well as social environmental importance, was declared a national ancient monument on 20 August, 2001. The ordination hall – Sim or Ubosot – of this temple houses magnificent mural paintings, both inside and outside, by a folk artisan from Maha Sarakham known as Thong Thipcha. The building originally had a northeastern roof style with an extended roof on each side. Later, a new roof of the Rattanakosin style replaced the old dilapidated one. In 1993, the Fine Arts Department had the roof extended to provide the murals shelter from sunlight and rain, as well as the surrounding landscape improved. There is also a folk museum nearby where rare folk equipment and utensils of the Northeast are collected.

Khon Kaen University

Located on the hill called ‘Mo Din Daeng’ over 5,000 rai plot of land, the university is the largest education centre in Isan, particularly on the areas that directly involve and benefit Isan people. How to get there: the university is located 4 kilometres from downtown Khon Kaen. Visitor can access from Mitraphap Road (Khon Kaen-Udon Thani route) or Pracha Samosorn Road (Khon Kaen-Loei route).

Sim Isan

a term for northeastern ordination hall or Ubosot – is situated within Wat Pa Saeng Arun, Tambon Phra Lap, Amphoe Mueang, approximately 3 kilometres from Khon Kaen City Hall on the Khon Kaen – Kalasin route. The Sim Isan’s outstanding features lie in its typical shape and style, solidity, shelter as well as beauty of the murals of Mudmi patterns of the province’s famous tie-dyed silk. This has been intended for later generations to learn, treasure as well as conserve local architecture, in addition, to being a significant touristic site of the province.

Right Time to Visit

November - February