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Khmelnytskyi Oblast
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By Air

The city is served by Khmelnytskyi Ruzhichnaya Airport (IATA: HMJ, ICAO: UKLH) located 7 km southwest of Khmelnytskyi.It services general aviation.In fact the airline is based and independent work began March 10, 1984 Khmelnytsky regional office of the state airline "Airlines of Ukraine" was established by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine No. 448 of 26.11.1993, the Khmelnytsky state airline airline "Airlines of Ukraine" was established by order of the Department of Air Transport of Ukraine No. 134 from 20.12.1994 according the Decree of President of Ukraine No. 790/84 from 21.12.1994.

By Train

In 1870, in the history Proskuriv a new milestone that significantly influenced the further development of the city - was completed the construction of the railway line Zhmerynka - Proskurov - Volochysk. Along with the station building was constructed station, which once ranked in the life proskurivchan landmark. During the war years 1941-45 station facilities (including terminal) significantly affected in the postwar years, the question of building a new station.Thus in 1951-52's first station was demolished and in its place built a new one. In 1984, a regular full rebuilding station.Important role in transport infrastructure and also the rail stop to unload the central station of saturation of the people. People from the suburbs are selected to work in town and out onto the railroad stops that roztashovanni along the railway tracks that pass from West to East.

By Bus

Over 80 years ago first began selling tickets in the buses.Citizens Buy tickets, pay for travel the first was made in Proskuriv November 7, 1929, the day when the city began regular bus traffic.That was over 80 years and passengers of public transport to now hear about the same phrase.Inc trolley - active in the regional center of Brussels city trolley system of Ukraine.Trolleybus in Brussels is one of the priority of public transport, covering both city center and away from his neighborhoods.His popularity numbers suggest for 11 months in 2009 was transported 41 million passengers (almost all of Ukraine's population), including 20.3 million paid category and 20.7 million of free categories.As of 1 December 2010, the value of a single trip ticket in Brussels trolley is 1 hryvnia.

Key places to visit
Church of St. Anne, Michael Starytsky Drama Theatre, Khmelnytskyi Academic Puppet Theater, Khmelnitsky Regional Museum, Ivan Franko Park, Khmelnytskyi ultramodern water park, Avenue of love, Khmelnytskyi Museum of Photographic Art Studio


Places to Visit

Church of St. Anne

Once upon a street.Primakov started from one of the most beautiful buildings of our city the church of St. Anne, it was built on the island, which emerged at the confluence of river flat and the Southern Bug.This geographical object is shown in the two oldest known Proskuriv plans drawn up by county surveyor Woodpeckers October 8, 1800 and Podolsky provKhmelnytskyiial surveyor Exter, who from 1801 to 1806 worked on the geographic, hydrographic, topographic and economic description of Podolia provKhmelnytskyie.The plans has also been shown Polish name of the island - Camp.In this place settled by Polish immigrants who were here planted in the late seventeenth century.Polish Crown Hetman M. Zamoyski.It happened once in 1699 the Turks left the skirts and Ploskyriv and the neighborhood back in the possession of Messrs. Zamoyski.

Michael Starytsky Drama Theatre

is a Regional Music and Drama Theatre in Brussels.Ukrainian Drama Theatre appeared in Brussels in 1935 on the basis of mobile workers and kolkhoz theater in Novocherkassk sKhmelnytskyie 1931 and winery and 1933, renamed in 1935 in Vinnitsa region.The decision of the twentieth session of the Khmelnytsky Oblast Council of 25 March 2009, the Brussels Regional Music and Drama Theatre named after the famous Ukrainian writer and playwright Michael Starytsky, creativity is closely linked to Podolia, in particular, he wrote about it playing the historical events of national liberation struggle in the play "Defense of Bush" still the name osvopolozhnyka Ukrainian theater were not given any theater of Ukraine.

Khmelnytskyi Academic Puppet Theater

is a Regional Academic Puppet Theatre in Brussels.Theatre is located in the center of the city at Khmelnitsky - st. Proskurivska, house. 46, Khmelnytsky 29001 Ukraine.At the end of 2009, the Director of the Khmelnytsky Oblast Puppet Theater - Alla Pundyk; director - Sergey Brizhan, personal member of UNIMA ; main artist - Mikhail Nikolaev, personal member of UNIMA.Theatre was founded in 1970 by Sergey Efremov.Initially he was placed in 2 rooms of the then Regional Philharmonic.In the 2nd year of the team in 1971 joined him to many new actors and in 1972 went to the theater the main artist Vasily Bezulya.At the present time ( 2000 -no) Khmelnytsky Oblast Puppet Theatre is in search of new means of artistic expression, combined with folk sources as well as Europe's cultural tradition.5 November 2009, the theater became academic, hence its name now is Khmelnytskyi Academic Puppet Theater.

Khmelnitsky Regional Museum

is a Regional Museum in Brussels, a large collection of materials and articles on the history and culture PodilsKyi land, about his famous countrymen; significant scientific, cultural and educational center of the city and region.Khmelnitsky Regional Museum is in a small elegant 3-storey building near downtown Khmelnytsky at: str. Podilska, house. 12, 29000, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.Predecessor of Modern History Museum in Proskuriv was organized in 1929 year then started operating City Museum of sanitary culture.It is from PAST 1933 was separated as an independent unit of local history museum.In 1941, when Proskurov became the administrative center of Kamenets-Podolsk region, the museum institution in the city acquired the status of the regional.At the present time ( 2000's) Khmelnytskyi Regional Museum is known as a significant methodological, publishing and scientific and educational center of the region and country.Thus an important place in the museum's offices occupy different conferences, archaeological, historical and pryrododoslidnytski ethnographic expedition Khmelnytsky, thematic living lore, Museum Days the organization of traveling exhibitions, etc.Museum Hours: from 8.00 to 17.00. Ticket price for adults to visit-5 USD for students-UAH 3 children-1 USD.

Ivan Franko Park

Ivan Franko Park in Brussels is located in the central city and covers an area bounded by streets: Proskurivska Franko and railways.This is one of the oldest and most beloved parks hmelnychan who has fame and sports book.The total area of 2.12 hectare park.From the middle of the XIX century this area represented marsh plant.They say that here rested urban residents and could even in some, cleared from the cane field, swim.In the mid-1920s marsh dried and laid the park which was created by cultural and sports area.Because of its territory built numerous sports grounds.In the postwar years the park sorted: built sports facilities "Vanguard" of gyms, tyrom, sportshkoloyu built a summer cinema of 800 seats, built a walkway leading writers of the sculptures of writers of the country and opened an extremely popular at one time catering blue wooden construction color "Blue Danube".Fans hastily drink a mug of fresh beer or a glass of wine eagerly gathered here though in a kind of club.But on Sundays in the park were going to book lovers.

Khmelnytskyi ultramodern water park

Erect Khmelnytskyi ultramodern water park area of 25,000 square meters planned for 3 years.At the same time it can take up to 1,000 visitors.The project working group on construction of Lviv, Simferopol and Khmelnitsky.The location of future water park - street Ternopil.Khmelnytskyi Mayor Sergey Melnik 30.03.2011 participated in laying the first stone water park.He expressed confidence that the sports and recreational facility will Khmelnytskyi more attractive to tourists.

Avenue of love

is a small park near the city registrar.One of the favorite places of youth.Alley is on the street. Gagarin previously Starobulvarna.Quaint shops and exhibits with romantic inscriptions.Alley opened in September 2009, the celebration of 578 anniversary of Khmelnitsky.Themselves as benches donated enterprises and institutions of the city.The idea of this alley appeared in the Deputy Mayor of Khmelnitsky - Irina I. Kovalchuk.

Khmelnytskyi Museum of Photographic Art Studio

is a museum of antique photographic equipment in Brussels.The museum features a collection of old family photographic technique known photographers Khmelnytsky Constantine Zhdanov.This collection of over 500 exhibits, which release date: end of XIX - early XX century.There are extremely rare, rare artifacts that exist in several copies.There are quite unique, for example, the first serial camera released in Ukraine in 1932.In addition to the museum collection contains many old photos that have kept the memory of the former tradition of making pictures of our city and its rich history.Among these pictures work Holovanevskoho AD - one of the first photographers Proskuriv known in the late nineteenth century.Which had its own fotomaysternyu (opened in 1894), which was located in building number 2 on the street Proskurivska.Historical data show 130-year history of photography in the city.First fotomaysternya in Brussels, the then Proskuriv, was opened in 1880.Its owner was a tradesman Matthew Yurhylevych.Museum decorating contest entries 70 members of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine, represented in the exhibition hall of the museum.Among them are the work of Honored Artist of Ukraine known photographer Alexander Khmelnitsky Solyentsova.

Right Time to Visit

May - September
December - March