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By Air

The city is served by Erkilet International Airport and the International Air Transport Association symbol for the airport is ASR.The airport is at a short distance from Kayseri center.There are several flights per day to Istanbul, Turkey's premium air transportation hub. Since the air transportation industry in Turkey is presently registering a fast growth rate new flights from Kayseri to several other localities in Turkey and outside Turkey are soon to be expected.

By Train

Kayseri is connected to the rest of country with railroad service.There are four trains per day to Ankara.To the east there are two branches: one to Kars and Dogukapi toward Armenia and another to Tatvan on the west shore of Lake Van.

By Bus

The transportation within the city relies mainly on buses, dolmus and personal vehicles.A light rail transit system called Kayseray has constructed end of the 2010.Since the city is located in central Turkey transportation via cars and buses are highly efficient.It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Ankara approximately 3 hours to Mediterranean shores and 45 minutes to Cappadocia.The symbol of the city Mount Erciyes which is a notable ski center in winters and a trekker's paradise in summers is at only 30 minutes drive from the city centre.

Key places to visit
Hunat Hatun Mosque, Mount Erciyes, Kayseri Kadir Has Stadium, Kapuzbasi waterfalls


Places to Visit

Hunat Hatun Mosque

Hunat (Huand) Hatun Mosque complex, in conjunction with other structures that make up the most popular point of Kayseri and the crown door of the architecture and decorations to attract the interest and welcomes many visitors.In line with the short axis of the rectangle 8 along the long axis of the belt 10 is divided into intervals.Four corner feet keeps belts.Front of the altar and the middle aisle of two of the four corners of the two arches were built with a wide range.Based on the square adjacent to the altar is a dome that rises pendentives.This is a mosque with a dome was built.In the middle of the square is closed at this time when the first classical architecture of the Seljuk Ulu Mosque is located in a major laugh and Lala Mosque Mosque in the nature of a kind and just below the internal courtyard where a fountain with the so-called light or skylight area.The opening is closed, and probably later collapsed or was demolished in 1727.Sultan Mehmed II in 1900.Abdulhamid by the attachment of a minaret was built in conjunction with the dome again.

Mount Erciyes

Turkey's most beautiful ski areas with one runway.In addition in terms of health tourism both clean and soft air and natural waters rich in mineral resources in terms of health and winter sports is one of the only places with unique beauty. Proximity to the city center and famous for its world-famous powder snow Erciyes Mountain located in the southern part of the city.Turkey's Mount Ararat after the Erciyes which is capable of being the largest mountain in the year can be seen as an area suitable for skiing.Erciyes Erciyes started to be built along with the Master Plan the region's participation in international tourism are expected to accelerate.

Kayseri Kadir Has Stadium

was built to a private company for land UEFA's 4 stars is one of the stadiums.As a planned 32,864-seat stadium were built Carried 56,938,000 YTL first tender but won the tender because the company failed to comply with terms of tender on 11.07.2008 has been terminated.Re-tender as a result of the continued construction of the stadium, 8 March 2009, Kayserispor - Fenerbahce opened the match with a service.The name of the deceased businessman Stadium Kayseri Kadir is defined.The opening of the stadium, 8 March 2009 on World Cup 23 weeks of confrontation Kayserispor - Fenerbahce soccer event was held with.Turkey for the first time in the 232 meters in length and weighs 600 tons of a steel axle will be mounted on the roof of the stadium were made.Search for 4 sides and again in the stadium on the lighting system is connected to axles and vehicles heater and placed in the outer coating materials.Local matches 40.458 to take the audience with properties Kadir Stadium due to international matches only be allowed to seat the audience the audience will host 32.864.UEFA's local match for the standing audience in recent years, especially after approving the new stadiums built in the areas of seatless Kadir Has Stadium is also available in. 1.All of the areas between the floor and 2nd floor stands to receive approximately 7,500 spectators standing features.

Kapuzbasi waterfalls

Yahyali district Kucukcakir in the north of the village at the top of the neck is located.As altitude waterfalls flow Kapuzbasi Niagara's (55 m) of Finland located in Imatra's (25 m), Erzurum in Tortum's (50 m), Antalya in the sinkhole from the (25 m) and the Manavgat tan (5 m) is greater.

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