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South Aegean
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By Air

Kastelorizo Island Public Airport is an airport on the small island Kastelorizo, Greece (IATA: KZS, ICAO: LGKJ), part of the Dodekanesos island group.The facility is located more or less on the middle of the Island, about 2.5 km southwest of the city Megisti.The current Kastelorizo Airport first began operations in 1986 as a domestic airport.The airport has a rather small terminal of 150 m2 and the apron can accommodate one Dash-8 sized aircraft and 3 light general aviation aircraft.

By Ferry

Kastellorizo connected by ferry (5 hours) and air (25 minutes) to Rhodes.Public transport is conducted in a taxi and a minibus, which operate on the route to the airport.The rest of the island explored on foot, through a network of natural trails.

Key places to visit
Cathedral of St. Constantine and Helen, The castle of the Knights of St. John, Paleokastro, Saint George of the Mountain, Lycian Tomb, Archaeological and Folklore Museum, Blue Cave


Places to Visit

Cathedral of St. Constantine and Helen

In the most prominent position of the island above Mandraki towers the Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helen, interwoven with social and cultural life of Kastellorizo since its inception (around 1835) until today.The temple is built in the style vaulted three-aisled basilica with rich illustrations, marble temples and towering marble belfry.The roof of the Cathedral is based on twelve monolithic granite columns, which were transferred from the temple of Apollo at Patara in Lycia, on the opposite coast of Asia Minor.

The castle of the Knights of St. John

Built in the 14th century and survives today only the ruins of the building, located on the Castello Rosso, the red rock from where comes the name of the island.


On the west side of Kastelorizo is the largest and oldest monument, the castle.It is an ancient village with many buildings and tanks.In Dorian citadel of the third century BC saved a sign containing the word Great.In the region, in Limenari, there are Cyclopean Walls.

Saint George of the Mountain

From the harbor, 401 steps leading to St. George's Mountain (or mountain).Located in the Palaiokastro and surrounded by huge rocks.Inside the monastery there is a catacomb, Saint Charalambos.

Lycian Tomb

This is the tomb of the 4th century BC, built at the foot of the castle.It is worth mentioning that Lycians called the inhabitants of Asia Minor because God the Lykios Apollo was worshiped as a wolf.

Archaeological and Folklore Museum

The museum is housed in the historic white building over the restored mosque, near the ruins of the castle.In the era of the Franks, was the outer bastion of Castel Rosso.The exhibits include archaeological finds priceless artifacts from different periods of antiquity, frescoes of the 17th century, traditional costumes and folk art.

Blue Cave

Twenty minutes by boat from the harbor is the Blue Grotto Kastelorizo.Known by the name "Cave Parastas" or "Fokiali" of seals living in is the largest of the underwater caves of Greece and one of the known world for the rich stalactite decoration available.Located in the southern part of the island and is 75m and height 35m.The entrance is comparatively low a small boat in height.

Right Time to Visit

March - April