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Kardzhali Okrug
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By Air

Plovdiv Airport (IATA: PDV, ICAO: LBPD) is the closest airport around 90km from Kardzhali.Due to its good location, near the famous Bulgarian ski resorts Bansko and Pamporovo the airport is most active during the winter season.The main traffic is charters to and from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Russia.The airport also plays a vital role in case of emergencies and is sometimes used as an alternate for Sofia Airport which is almost 150 km away or 1.5 hour drive on the Trakiya motorway.

By Bus

You can easily get to Kardzhali.It is recommended that you arrive in Kardzhali by bus, as there are buses from most of the major Bulgarian cities.

Key places to visit
Kardzhali Museum of History, NYVaptsarov Regional Library, Kardzhali Monastery, Eagle Rocks Thracian sanctuary, Devil's Bridge


Places to Visit

Kardzhali Museum of History

The Kardzhali Museum of History has one of the most extensive exhibitions in Southern Bulgaria. This includes pre-historic tools and ceramics from the Thracian cities of Perperikon and Tatul, Christian icons and ethnographic exhibits.It is located in the old konak (the Turkish town-hall built around 1870) with its period exterior architecture.

NYVaptsarov Regional Library

A 50-year history.It is the biggest book depository in Kardjali region, center of bibliographical, kraevedska and methodical work.Largest in the region in volume and quality of its library fund in structure and scope of service.He has extensive multi-fund, numbering around 277,630 library items (books, periodicals, rich library, audio-and videotapes and other non-traditional media).Serves a wide range of readers - students, professionals in various regional knowledge citizens.

Kardzhali Monastery

is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery.Situated on the right bank of the River Arda in the city of Kardjali district Veselchane.He was part of medieval monastery complex founded in the VI - VII century, after the period of iconoclasm in Byzantium.After its creation, it became a center of Christianity in the Eastern Rhodopes.From archaeological excavations it is known that there are several churches were built.They are typical Byzantine style with a strong influence Athos.The monastery was a center of a large medieval parishes - residence Achridos.The ruins of the monastery were discovered back in the 30s by local fans of our historical past.For many years the ruins remained unexplored until 1962, when they found other parts of the ruins of the monastery.Restoration takes place from 1998 to 2000, led by Professor Nikolay Ovcharov and Daniela Kodzhamanov.Due to the high artistic value remains of the medieval monastery and Church St. John the Baptist have been declared monuments of national importance.

Eagle Rocks Thracian sanctuary

is located about 2 km from Ardino and about 30 km southwest of the town of Kardjali.This monument of the ancient Thracian culture is unique to our country.Due to the large slope of the area from different sides of the scale height is not uniform.Of reach in the rocks are hewn rock more than 100 outlets (currently 97 other 3 were already destroyed) - necropolis with a trapezoidal shape.Their depth is between 8 and 12 cm These niches belong to some authors Odrisses and dating from the first millennium BC.They were for religious purposes as they are placed in containers religious celebrations.Some archaeologists believe a ceramic fragments found in the rocks that this shrine dates back to 5-4 century BC.It is possible niches are rock tombs, urns, where the Thracians have placed the ashes of the dead.Eagle Rocks were declared a natural landmark.Most of the road is available for off-road and the remainder passes away.

Devil's Bridge

is a medieval bridge on the river Arda, located in a picturesque valley about 10 kilometers northwest of the town Ardino near the village grandfathers.The bridge was built in the early 16th century on the orders and the desire of Sultan Selim I-you, as part of a road connecting the Upper Valley with Aegean Thrace and the Aegean.The bridge is located 420 meters above sea level, surrounded on both sides by steep slopes of up to 800 meters altitude. Its length is 56 meters, width - 3,5 m trisvodest as the side arches of his ribs are made with semi-open svodcheta reporting of water.Height of the central arch is 11.50 to 12 meters and the edge is preserved stone parapet height 12 cm.On 24 February 1984, the the bridge was declared a cultural monument.The bridge can be reached by a dirt road with avtomobil.Cherniyat time is not suitable for every vehicle and passing other cars is trudno.Pesha distance takes about two hours round trip.

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