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Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa
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By Air

Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport (IATA: JPA, ICAO: SBJP) is the airport serving Joao Pessoa, Brazil located in the adjoining municipality of Bayeux.The airport is named after João Pereira de Castro Pinto (1863-1944), a laywer, writer and former Governor of the State of Paraiba.The airport was officially opened on August 20, 1957 and since February 1, 1979 it is administrated by Infraero.Between 1980 and 1981 Infraero conducted major renovations and enlargements of the runway, taxiways and apron.In 1983 a cargo terminal was opened.In 1985 the new passenger terminal was opened and in 1995 it underwent renovations and enlargements.

By Train

The railway system provides inter-city commuting for people from cities in the metropolitan area only in parts of the western and northern area of the capital.There is also a train line CBTU, daily circulation, which covers most of the metropolitan area, extending 30 km. There are nine passenger stations and connects the cities of Cabedelo, Joao Pessoa, Bayeux and Santa Rita, to transport approximately 7,500 passengers on 15 trips daily.

By Bus

In the city, public transportation is primarily based on a private bus system, taxis and railways.The city has approximately 500 buses.A single passenger ticket can be used to travel around town and to make connections.There is a major terminal (Terminal de Integracao do Varadouro) where passengers can change buses.An electronic ticketing system is being implemented to offer better efficiency to passengers. Currently the bus fare is R$ 2,10, or approximately $ 1,25 USD, (as of 2009).

Key places to visit
Alligator River beach, Bessa Beach, Station Cape Blanco, Historic Center of Joao Pessoa


Places to Visit

Alligator River beach

Alligator Beach area is a tourist part of the tourist corridor of Joao Pessoa.Are concentrated in this area bars, restaurants, hotels, houses of crafts, houses of fishermen, etc.Tourists who know the beach Alligator usually be delighted with the natural beauty offered by the rich fauna and flora found there, but undoubtedly the most beautiful spectacle is provided by Sun, which stands quietly while being greeted by Ravel's Bolero, which is run daily by the Sax Jurandy bars installed on the banks of the Rio Paraíba.The beach is also a place of fishing and sports such as rowing.Some people go to the beach sailing.The beach is made of Alligator by BR-230, Road Cabedelo, then do contour Intermares and follow the Alligator Road.

Bessa Beach

It is the first beach on the coast north pessoense, urban, with 6 km of extension in sand and clay, with green and calm waters, reefs and coconut trees.The beach is one of the most sought-known and visited the city. She is in the district with the same name (Bessa).The beach is bordered with the Bessa beach Manaira (the south, in Joao Pessoa) and Intermares beach (to the north, in Cabedelo ).The beach and the Bessa beach Intermares are divided by the river Jaguaribe (Joao Pessoa) .Around the beach there are several bars and restaurants, parking lots and beach houses.Recently there has been controversy regarding the permanence of the bars on the edge of Bessa, many of them undocumented.The bars, however, are still there.

Station Cape Blanco

is an architectural complex located in the district of Cabo Branco in the city of Joao Pessoa, capital of the state of Paraiba.The complex was designed to house and disseminate scientific, artistic and cultural city of Joao Pessoa.Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Station Cape Blanco was inaugurated on July 3, 2008 by the City located next to a special area of conservation, known as Park Cape Blanco, where is situated the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, a major tourist spot in the city of Joao Pessoa, in addition to being one of the most privileged of the Capital, assets belonging to the geographical, historical and cultural city.The complex has a total area 8,571 meters square built.Station Cape Blanco is also known as "Science Station".

Historic Center of Joao Pessoa

is a set of 500 to 5000 homes located between the districts of Varadouro, Central and Trenches.It is the main architectural collection of Paraiba, for the various phases of local history. It is an ideal place for lovers of art and local know they say a lot about local history.Be sure to visit the historical monuments such as the Franciscan group are, among others.The churchyard of the Church of São Frei Pedro Goncalves is now the center of cultural and artistic activities, there predominantly baroque and colonial architecture, where stands the old Globe Hotel, now a performing arts center.Watching the sunset from the balcony of the old hotel is a true delight and a poetry class and beauty.There is also the Praca Joao Pessoa, in the city center, which houses the Legislative Assembly building, architecture and modern, contrasting with the ancient Palace of the Redemption (the State Government Palace) and the Court. In the square is also located the building of the former Law School, site of many historical and political events, which stands out for its beautiful architecture.Houses, streets, colonial houses and churches make up one of the most secular and most important historical sites in Brazil.The downtown is always attractive to those seeking the architecture of the last three centuries the testimony of the development process northeast.

Right Time to Visit

September - March
October - December