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By Air

Jinja Airport (IATA: JIN, ICAO: HUJI) is located in eastern Uganda approximately 94 kilometres.Jinja Airport is a small civilian and military airport that serves the town of Jinja.It is one of thirteen upcountry airports that are administered by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.It is one of thirty five airports in the country.

By Train

Jinja is a major station on the Uganda Railway and is a port for Lake Victoria ferries.From the early 1900s access to the railway was by ferry to the railhead at Kisumu.It was not until the 1930s that the track was extended into Uganda.There is a good tarmac road west from Jinja to the capital, Kampala 87 kilometres (54 mi), 90 minutes by car, two hours by bus).The tarmac road to Tororo 100 kilometres (62 mi) to the east of Jinja, is generally in poorer condition.Buses and minibus taxis provide transport between Jinja and other Ugandan towns.

By Taxi

Transport in Jinja is dominated by the motorbike (Boda boda) and small cars locally known as "Mycar".This is important to the city, and there are thousands of owner operators in the city and the surrounding towns.

Key places to visit
Buvuma Island, Swaminarayan Temple, Jinja market, Bujagali Power Station, white water rafting


Places to Visit

Buvuma Island

Refers to a Lake Victorian island chain and the chain's largest island.This chain of more than fifty islands is located a few kilometres off the northern shore of Lake Victoria, Uganda in the Napoleon Gulf. Buvuma lies some 25 km south of the major city of Jinja, and around 90 km east of the capital Kampala.It is part of the wider Busoga region, and was administered as part of Mukono but was recently made into a district of its own by the Government of the Republic of Uganda.The main island is Buvuma, with a land area of around 200 square-miles (517 km2), and a population of around 20,000.It is forested, and is a destination for intrepid bird-watching tourists.The forest is being cut and burned to provide three boats a day full of charcoal for the nearby city of Jinja.There are twenty-six gazetted Forest Reserves in Buvuma.

Swaminarayan Temple

Is an active Hindu temple near Jinja.Some of Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were scattered into the source of the White Nile.There is a small memorial garden at the spot.which has a bronze bust of Gandhi.There is also a Buddhist temple.

Jinja market

Is in the very centre of town, and consists of multiple acres of colourful shacks squeezed on top of each other selling everything from chicken hearts to motor parts.Definitely a must see, even if you're in Jinja for one day.The easiest and best way to see the town is to flag down the nearest boda boda driver (motorcycle which takes passengers) and ask him for a tour.Pay no more than six thousand shillings however, for less than an hour tour.

Bujagali Power Station

Is located across the Victoria Nile, about 16 kilometres north of Jinja immediately north of the former location of Bujagali Falls.This location lies at the border between Buikwe District to the west and Jinja District to the east.Completion of the project is expected in 2012, although partial power generation may start as early as 2011.In February 2011, the New Vision newspaper, Uganda's leading daily publication, reported that the first 50MW will become available in October 2011 and the subsequent 50MW additional units will become available every two to three months until the final addition in April 2012.

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