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Nearest airports to Jibou are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Baia Mare Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)
   Satu Mare Airport (distanced approximately 56 km)
   Cluj Napoca Airport (distanced approximately 63 km)
   Oradea Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
   Tirgu Mures Airport (distanced approximately 130 km)

Key places to visit
Botanical Garden Institute of Biological Research Jibou, Reformed Church in Romania, Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption, Hall, Wesselenyi Castle


Places to Visit

Botanical Garden Institute of Biological Research Jibou

Botanical Garden of the Biological Research Institute is a botanical garden located in Jibou, Salaj, founded in 1968 at the initiative of Professor Vasile Fati. It occupies space recreational park of the medieval castle which was Wesselenyi family residence. The area is 24 ha botanical garden. It is located at an altitude of 272m, with a high relief with bumps, but with large flat surfaces.Botanical Garden Jibou history begins in 1959, nine years before its establishment, the Department of Biology High School came from Professor Basil Jibou Fati.

Reformed Church in Romania

Reformed Church in Romania is now part of the Hungarian Reformed Church includes believers and reformed after Calvin living in Romania. After signing the Treaty of Trianon was obvious that the old Reformed Church structure could not be maintained, as the new border between Hungary and Romania most of the deaneries divided into two parts and the connection with the clergy of Hungary can not be kept as easy as was before.After the Protestant Reformation Hungarians lost their religious homogeneity. Transylvania became ruler of the introduction of new thinking, where Protestantism that was not accepted, but was embraced by the Hungarian nobility.

Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption

In 1992, Reverend Dr. John Robu, Archbishop Metropolitan of Bucharest decided to set up the district Assumption Parish Camp Road, densely populated with families belonging to the Roman- Catholic. Also decided to begin the formalities for obtaining a suitable site on which to build a complex that includes the parish church with a capacity of 500 seats, parish house and gardens for preschool children.In 1994 he was made a land area of 2300 sqm leased by the Bucharest City Hall. In the same year he started work on the project was finished, all opinions to be taken in the spring of 1995. All have since been started and construction work. Work started in May 1995 continued until October 1999, during which were built the church, rectory and kindergarten.


Hall is a film from 1996 directed by Harold Becker. Al Pacino and John Cusack plays the roles of Mayor of New York that his assistant, vice-mayor.Plot focuses on a child resulting in death after a fire weapons from a drug dealer and a detective.John Pappas ( Al Pacino ) is respected and popular mayor of New York and Kevin Calhoun (John Cusack) is his idealistic aid as deputy mayor. When a policeman is a mobster shoot each other and an innocent child is 6 years old killed in the same firefight, an investigation is opened to the real reason for the policeman met gangster. Mayor manages to skillfully guide the investigation but "vice" is digging its insistent. He thus discovers his boss is no stranger to bloody incident.

Wesselenyi Castle

Wesselenyi Castle (1810), typical of the Baroque in Transylvania. Two levels, elongated rectangular plan, with central and prominent extremities. Two pavilions, arranged laterally symmetrical corners delimiting a receiving yards in the garden.

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