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Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
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By Air

The city is served by the Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport, which was granted international status in 1992.The airport shares its facilities with the 114 Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force.Since 2002 the airport has been leased to the private enterprise company Yavson and from 2005 the Public limited company Naftokhimik Prykarpattia, a (subsidiary of Ukrnafta).The contract with Naftokhimik Prykarpattia expires in 2013.

By Train

There is one railway terminal locally known as Vokzal.There are also smaller rail stations in adjacent villages, including Uhryniv and Khryplyn.All of them are part of Lviv Railways.

By Bus

Until 2008 the railway terminal also housed a bus terminal which provided several inter-city bus routes, including some to international destinations.In 2000 construction work began on a new bus terminal next to the railway terminus on Zaliznychna Street.Inauguration of the new bus terminal took place on May 22, 2010.At the opening ceremony the mayor of the city, Viktor Anushkevichus, noted that the new bus terminal was only partially completed, and for a period it would be necessary to offload passengers at the Pryvokzalna Square, which is already saturated with traffic.He also emphasised the need for another bus station on the outskirts of the city.The city of Ivano-Frankivsk has an extensive network of public transport including buses, trolleybuses and taxis (marshrutka). There are nine trolleybus routes and about 52 for regular buses.Some of the routes run beyond the city into nearby villages.

By Road

The city of Ivano-Frankivsk is located on the intersection of three major national (Ukraine) routes: H18, H09 and H10.There also is one important regional route T09-06.All the H-routes eventually connect to E50.

Key places to visit
Ivano-Frankivsk Art Museum, Market Square, Academic Regional Music-Drama Theater of Franko, Academic Regional Puppet Theater of Pidhiryanka, Vichevy Square


Places to Visit

Ivano-Frankivsk Art Museum

is the contemporary name for the oldest former church of the city, the Collegiate Church of Virgin Mary. Together with the city rathaus the building is the oldest in Ivano-Frankivsk.The exact date of the church's founding is not known.It is known that when the fortress of Stanislawow was erected together with it Andrzej Potocki started to build out wood the Catholic parish church as well.The pastor and chaplain Wojcech Bialachewski helped him as the old friend.The newly erected church was named after the Virgin Mary, Saint Andrew, Saint Stanislaus, and Saint Anna.On June 14, 1669 Andrzej Potocki was able to acquire the status of collegiate for the church.It was baptized by Archbishop Jan Tarnowski.Here was opened a campus of the Jagiellonian University (Krakow).Currently the building is the only cult structure in the city that is used for other than religious purposes.

Market Square

is historically the central square of the city.It is the oldest square and traces its history to the city's establishment.The main feature of the square is the former city hall, Ratusha, which today serves as the building of the Museum of regional studies.The southern row of buildings is interrupted by the Trush Street which also connects the Market Square with Mickewicz Square near the Medical University and Lesya Ukrainka Street.At the southeastern corner of Rynok Square is located a small park, beyond which stretches another small street of Strachenykh.That streets runs towards the Oblast Philarmony located at eastern corner of the Mickewicz Square.The eastern row of buildings at the Market Square "cuts" the Melnychuk Street that starting from the square stretches straight towards the Hrushevsky Street and running past the Oblast/City administration building, the Bily Dim (White House).

Academic Regional Music-Drama Theater of Franko

In December 1939, the performance Platon Krechet O. Korniychuk started his I-and the theatrical season Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. Franko.It was the first in the Carpathian Ukrainian professional theater created on the basis of itinerant theaters Galicia, operating in the region under the guidance of directors Kryzhanivskyi S., R. Voinovich, John Kohutyaka, Y. Kononiva.Official existence commenced on December 20 1939, with the approval of Resolution RNA USSR "On organization of theaters, music groups, houses of folk art and theatrical musical institutions.During the war - the period of creative activity in the theater composer, conductor J. Barnycha.Great success had operettas of Johann Strauss Gypsy Baron, Die Fledermaus.

Academic Regional Puppet Theater of Pidhiryanka

established in 1945 year.The team headed by director Tatyana Nikitina.Along with her ​​unique puppet theater was built on the legs artist O. Wild, actor K. Kotsynska, T. Plathina, L. Dmitrieva, D. Dubey, M. Hlybchuk, V. Antonov, Ihor, M. Basalyga.Difficult first steps were: lack of experience, the actors just starting to master the difficult skill of driving dolls, primitive structures were most dolls.His room had no theater.Initially working in the Palace of Pioneers (now Youth Arts Centre on the street.Sich Riflemen, 37) and from 1949 to 1954 - to present the House (Shevchenko str, 1).Performances shown in the days when the scene was free and mostly worked on the exit areas and villages of the region.

Vichevy Square

is a square in the center of Irkutsk.In fact, a continuation of the street. Independence, extends from the street. Galician to the street. D. Vitovskogo.In Vichevy Square are many cafes and restaurants, shops, stores, phone centers and Internet -communications, entertainment and main post office.Although Stanislav always richly buyala greens private front gardens the city a long time had no public park purposes.In 1825, on the initiative of the then Austrian district-old Francesca Krattera city bought the brothers Ahopsovychiv ground between then Sobieski streets and Kazymyrivskoyu Hoslavskoho (now the streets of Sich Riflemen, Mazepa and Vitovskogo ).This area planted with trees, flower beds are made and installed benches.So set a cozy beautiful park, officially opened in 1827 year.He became a favorite spot for stanislaviv'yan.Weekly residents gathered here to listen to the military orchestra.Skveryk called "Kratterivkoyu" to honor Francis Krattera for his contribution to the city.

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