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Estado de Guanajuato
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By air

It has two airports in the municipality and the military airfield in the Military Region XII.
The Guanajuato International Airport , located in the municipality of Silao only 30 minutes from the city of Irapuato, has 35 international flights per week, thanks to him Irapuato is 2 or 3 hour flight from cities including Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas, Oakland, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, among others.

By train

The municipality of Irapuato has railroad tracks that connect with major cities of North and South of Mexico and the United States and Canada, allowing the direct shipment of goods to both countries. The iron shaft passing through Irapuato is parallel to the Industrial Corridor State of Guanajuato and is operated by the company currently Ferromex.

By road

The city is crossed by:
  Federal Highway 45 Mexico - Juarez Cd
  Federal Highway 90 Zapotlanejo - Irapuato
  Federal Highway 43 Morelia - Salamanca

Key places to visit
Irapuato's Cathedral, Temple of Hospitality, Temple of Solitude, City Museum, House of Culture, Irapuato Zoo, Dancing water fountain, Irapuato Ecological Park


Places to Visit

Irapuato's Cathedral

Irapuato's Cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, is located in the center of the city of Irapuato . It is the main church in the Diocese of the same name, seat of the Bishopric. It is located across from the Plaza Monumental Miguel Hidalgo in the city. Range of Cathedral was awarded in 2004 by Pope John Paul II .

Temple of Hospitality

Temple of Hospitality  this was the first church built in Irapuato. The interior was completed in 1713 and the facade in 1733. Is of Baroque style and is dedicated to the Lord of Mercy. The architectural plan of this church is a Latin cross. The main altar contains images and a Christ made of corn paste. The church was initially built as a chapel for the Indian Hospital, which was built two centuries ago by Don Basque Quiroga in 1550. Has one of the biggest fixtures of the Republic, and a tunnel from the sacristy and extends to the Mayor's Office, which is not open to the public.

Temple of Solitude

Temple of Solitude  The Temple of Our Lady of Solitude was built in the sixteenth century. The exterior facade is Baroque style and the style prevalent in the interior is neoclassical. The architectural plan of this temple is built to a Latin cross. It is customary for the parishioners of the city of Irapuato the cover with the mantle of the image every Holy Saturday and April 30.

City Museum

Housed in the baroque building which tradition identifies as the Inquisition House has three departments: Archaeology, History and Promotion and Dissemination. Regularly presents temporary exhibitions and / or permanent, as well as lectures and book presentations.

House of Culture

House of Culture was Established in 1974 and partially constructed a new building in the driveway of Chinaco in the year 1980, the current building it occupies, is one of the leading institutions promoting culture through their areas in Arts Education: music workshops, dance, visual arts, and theater Historic Research and Diffusion through lectures, conferences, exhibitions, cultural promotion, organizing concerts, theater, dance, between various types of promotions.

Irapuato Zoo

Irapuato Zoo Miguel Hidalgo , is located southeast of the city and is home to 103 mammals, 271 birds and several species of fish. The zoo was established in 1992 by Ing. Take Emilio Elias Cazares and the architect Vicente Rodriguez, with the support of the then state governor Carlos Medina Plascencia.

Dancing water fountain

Dancing water fountain, the fountain was inaugurated on December 21, 2004 and is positioned in the square Miguel Hidalgo in the city of Irapuato. Every night is lit with a light show, music and water that displays a rainbow of colors. The water cannon jets provide a choreography to music.

Irapuato Ecological Park

Irapuato Ecological Park Located at the foot of the hill of Arandas, declared as protected area with an area of 5,000 acres that include the dam of the rabbit, sports city and the colony Espanita. A vast green area for recreation, entertainment and promotion of ecological culture of the regional population. The ecological park called the lungs of the city.

Right Time to Visit

March - June