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Minas Gerais
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By Air

There is also a medium sized airport, Usiminas Airport in the area of the neighbor city Santana do Paraiso, that serves the Steel Valley and can receive small and medium sized planes including jets like the Boeing 737 and the Fokker 100.Though privately-owned and operated by the steel manufacturer Usiminas, it is open for public use.The airport is located 5 km from downtown Ipatinga.with daily flights to Belo Horizonte and other destinations.The closest airport to the airport in Usiminas is the colonel Altino Machado de Oliveira in the city of Governador Valadares, located about 100 km Ipatinga.

By Train

It is served by highway and railroad connections (Minas-Vitoria).Ipatinga has a railway station: the Mayor House.Located at the edge of the BR-381, was opened on June 18th of 1960, having recently undergone a major expansion of its capacity due to population growth of the city.After this reform, the station became one of the largest railroad Vitoria-Minas.It is also important for the municipal economy, it is an alternative to the flow of production of Usiminas and receiving of raw materials intended for the the company.With the expansion project of Usiminas, it was necessary to increase the infrastructure of the station and the construction of a railroad line in the third.

By Road

The city has easy access to BR-458 and MG-425 and has access to state highways and even national importance through highways and roads were paved lane, as Linhares Gomes Pedro Avenue, part of the BR-381.In June 2011, the fleet of vehicles in Ipatinga was 112,072 vehicles, with 65,432 cars, 2,964 trucks, 370 trucks, tractors, 6,025 trucks, 2,435 buses, 29,495 motorcycles, 561 buses, 464 minibuses, 1894 scooters among others.The avenues and paved duplicate improve traffic in the city, possessing greater movement of cars and several traffic lights.The growth in the number of vehicles Ipatinga in the last ten years is causing an increasingly slow traffic of cars, especially in the town.The city also has one of the largest bus stations in the region located in Region of Central City.It is served with regular daily departures to major cities of Minas Gerais and even out of state.

By Bus

The transportation of the city is done by just one company: Autotrans (replacing Traffic White Eagle), resulting in a monopoly.The Autotrans also serves the neighboring towns ( Colonel Fabriciano and Timothy).According to data from the municipal government the public transportation system Ipatinga is composed of 64 lines with a length of approximately 670 km using a fleet of 117 vehicles carrying an average of 1,286,000 million passengers per month.The Transport Univalem connects all the Steel Valley and the metropolitan part of the collar.

Key places to visit
Emerson Fittipaldi Karting, Ipanema Park, Stadium Lamego John Netto, Steel Valley Shopping, Cultural Center Usiminas, Rio Doce State Park, Tourist Circuit Atlantic Forest of Minas Gerais


Places to Visit

Emerson Fittipaldi Karting

was inaugurated in October 1982, his name is an homage to the Brazilian driver in Formula One champion Emerson Fittipaldi. With fast track the area around the exhaust circuit selection and design, the track of the KCI qualifies as the best in the world which have been made five and 19 league championships miners.On January 3 of 1983 was founded a school for beginning riders years later renamed School Steering Ayrton Senna.About 500 drivers have accelerated this track internationally and many of them were highlights in the world of karting.Machines dominated and won titles released along with the sport the name of the city of Ipatinga KCI and consolidated as one of the best in Brazil.His attendance record was 50,000 set in 1985.The best time was made by Claudio Cantelli - PR, 42min9s in the year 2005.

Ipanema Park

is a park located in the municipality of Brazil in Ipatinga, within the state of Minas Gerais.With over 1 million square meters, is one of the largest green areas of the country located within an urban area.The leisure complex was one of the last works of landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.The area between the park is also considered one of the neighborhoods Ipatinga officers and had in 2005, only 13 inhabitants the third least populous county second only to the USIP and Usiminas, ranking 33 th place out of 35 districts city officials.It has sports courts, golf courses and football, lake with Wind Vane, jogging and bike paths, amphitheater, Green Pharmacy, Municipal Garden, Sports and Cultural Center October 7, Eli Amancio gymnasium, playground, auditorium, Science Park, weather station and library ecological (Ecotec).The residents of Ipatinga and other cities in the region are regulars Park Ipanema.The site has lighting, signage, restrooms, water fountains and bins of polyethylene.It has about 12 000 trees, is located in the city center and is an area open to the entire population.Provides recreation area with hiking and jogging track lake with island, windmills, toys, sports courts and an amphitheater.Recently installed a stage for presentation of shows and performances within the pond built with trunks of eucalyptus and deck type floor measures 383 meters square.

Stadium Lamego John Netto

is a stadium in the state of Minas Gerais, with capacity for 16,120 spectators expected to reach 27,500.It is currently used by Ipatinga Football Club.In 2010, with the the reform of the Mineirao Stadium for World Cup 2014, Ipatingao now host some of the teams games Mineiro.In 2011 it was renamed Municipal Stadium Epaminondas Mendes Brito Stadium to John Netto in honor of Lamego Lamego John Netto, who died on April 4 this year who was mayor of Ipatinga 1977 to 1982 there were several works whose term of improvements in the city's infrastructure and construction have happened to Ipatingao and viability of Ipanema Park.The stadium has 25 cabins for the press (radio, TV, newspapers), 20 seats in the Tribune of Honour, 200 seats in the stalls and 20,500 numbered seats, four locker rooms for clubs with hot tub, locker room to a referee, two electronic scoreboards, medical department, rooms for the military police and the Football Federation of Mining and restaurant for players Ipatinga Football Club.

Steel Valley Shopping

is a shopping mall located in the municipality of Brazil for Ipatinga in the eastern state of Minas Gerais, in the Metropolitan Region of the Steel Valley.It is situated on Avenida Pedro Gomes Linhares, the Industrial district, being attended mainly by the inhabitants of the municipality of Ipatinga and the neighboring cities Fabriciano Colonel and Timothy.The Steel Valley Mall opened in September 24 of 1998, being then one of the first enterprises in the industry in the region, located in front of the factory's Usiminas Mechanics.The Cultural Center Usiminas is a space for recreation and events attached to the mall with theater for more than 700 people featuring art workshops, gallery exhibitions and multimedia events, one of the major cultural institutions of the city and region of the Ipatinga Steel Valley.It has acoustic treatment, floating floor and barracks furniture, orchestra pit to 37 m2, stage with proscenium arch of 12.70 x 7.30 m, internal dimensions of 26 x 17.60 urdimento me of 21 meters.

Cultural Center Usiminas

is a cultural center located in the municipality of Brazil for Ipatinga in the state of Minas Gerais.It is located next to the Mall of the Steel Valley.The Usiminas Cultural Center Theater, considered one of the most modern in the country, definitely the consolidated city of Ipatinga as a major cultural center of the interior of Minas Gerais.The theater has a capacity of 720 persons and is equipped with sound equipment and cenotecnicos the highest standard.It also has acoustic treatment, floating floor (stage with shock absorbers) and barracks furniture, orchestra pit to 37m2, stage with proscenium arch of 12.70 x 7.30 m, internal dimensions of 26 x 17.60 urdimento of me 21 meters.Despite being located in Ipatinga, has a regional scope and neighboring cities takes a diversified program.

Rio Doce State Park

established in July 14th of 1944, located in Minas Gerais, Brazil is located in the metropolitan area of the Steel Valley, between the towns of Timothy, Marlieria and Dionysus and is one of the major regions of protection Biodiversity of the State, with the largest continuous area of Atlantic forest preserved in Minas Gerais.The Rio Doce State Park is one of the three major lake systems that occur in Brazil, together with Pantanal and the Amazon system.The system is called depression interplanaltica do Rio Doce consisting of about 40 lakes, located in an area of 35,000 ha and 300 m altitude.The lakes are located in a tropical rain forest, 20 m above the Rio Doce, showing no connection to the river system.The average annual rainfall in the lost and 1480.3 mm, annual average temperature of 21.9°C and period of water deficit from May to September.Besides being an important area of biodiversity conservation in areas of forest interior, researchers have studied the influence of exotic animals that have collaborated with changes in food chains.Examples of exotic species are fish such as Peacock Bass, the Piranha and Apaiari.

Tourist Circuit Atlantic Forest of Minas Gerais

is a tourist circuit that involves the towns Brazilians of Azucena, Belo Oriente, Colonel Fabriciano, Ipatinga, Jaguaracu, Marlieria, Santana do Paraiso and Sao Domingos do Prata in the state of Minas Gerais.It was established on July 17th of 2001, aiming to strengthen the tourism of events, ecotourism and adventure tourism composed of cities which have besides a great historical value with large reserves of native rainforest.It grew to 32 municipalities which was considered impractical for the proper management of tourism to regional development.Today any municipality or region you want growth in this sector must adapt to the required policies.Thus from December 19th of 2009 the circuit now has only eight cities with more effective participation of the private sector seeking its development after the conquest of their certification occurred that same day through various actions such as awareness and realization of inventories tour.

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