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Amazonas - Brazil
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By  Car

  • Good bus connections. Note that the highway towards Belém is unsafe at night.

By Air

  • A regional airport.

By train

  • The train between Parauapebas and São Luís stops at Açailândia, about 80 km to the north.
Key places to visit
Stone waterfall and walkway., TAM airliner at the city's airport, Interior of the church


Places to Visit

Stone waterfall and walkway, Imperatriz has a true tropical climate, and is well known for its changeable weather conditions, with a wet season, during spring and summer months (November to April), and a dry one, during fall and winter months (May to November). In fact, July and August are the hottest and coldest months at once, when temperatures can range from 13°C to over 40°C within a single day, the fells like is aways over 36°- 47°. Occasional cold snaps can make temperatures drop to as low as 20°C, often made to feel colder because of the windchill, but temperatures below 15°C are rare. This has a lot to do with why Imperatriz has a reputation for "four seasons in one day". It is not a city known for its stable weather patterns. The city has been described by locals as a city where you "wait five minutes and the weather will change", the locals even have a saying that goes like "beautiful one moment, crap the next".

TAM airliner at the city's airport, Most of the city's active labor is absorbed by the commerce and services. In spite of that, the primary and secondary sectors, especially agribusiness, still play an important role in the local economy. The farming of bovine livestock supplies local slaughterhouses, which in turn allows Imperatriz to export meat to other states in Brazil and abroad. In addition to food processing and agribusiness, construction and non-metallic mineral processing are important. The area's most important crops are soy, rice and manioc. Recently, sugar cane is becoming important as well. According to IBGE, Imperatriz has a total of 5,657 commercial and 730 industrial enterprises.

Interior of the church, The rear of the church (customarily the western side) surrounds the main entrance and is called the narthex. In the ancient church, this section was set aside for the catechumens (those preparing to be baptized) and the penitents (those who were excluded from Communion on account of grave sins). The narthex was usually quite large; sometimes it included a pool for the baptism of adults. At the present time, the narthex is usually rather small. It is here that candles and prosphora are sold. The stairway leading to the narthex and the area at the top of the stairs form the porch.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December