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Switzerland (General)
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By Plane and Train

Trains run frequently from Zurich Hauptbahnhof, changing in Chur, taking in the spectacular Rhine gorge. Zurich is the nearest International Airport, other options include theMilan and Friedrichshafen airports.

Key places to visit
Ilanz Museum, Canoeing


Places to Visit

Ilanz Museum Winter: Tuesdays, Saturdays and every first Sunday of the month from 2.00-5.00 p.m. Summer: Tuesdays, Thursdys, Saturdays and every first Sunday of the month from 2.00-5.00 p.m.. The museum is on the subject of Romansch and Surselvan culture.   The old town is made entirely of cobbled streets, with solid stone buildings lining the narrow way, the occasional tower.or steeple looming above. They generally have brightly painted and patterned shutters and hefty wooden doors, a charming part of town ideal for spending a sunny afternoon getting lost.


The site of unforgettable canyoning is the authentic Valaisian village of Blatten at the Aletsch Glacier.The entrance to the gorges is situated at the foot of the 120-foot Gebidem Dam, which was build by the Electra Massa Corporation in the 1960s in order to utilized the natural energy generated by the water. Equipped with a Neoprene suit, helmet and climbing belt one climbs over rocks which were left behind by the Aletsch Glacier in the last Ice Age about 11,000 years ago. Highlights: the 8-meter jump into a beautiful waterbasin and the 30-meter descent on a rope into the "Cathedral" .

Right Time to Visit

January - March
November - December