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Nomos Lasithiou
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How to Reach

By Air

One can travel to Ierapetra by plane boarding onto domestic or charter flights to Sitia airport (59 km) or Heraklion airport (94 km).

By Ferry

There are also frequent ferry departures from Piraeus to Sitia and Heraklion ports.

Key places to visit
Chrysi Beach, Gournia, Myrtos Pyrgos, Vasiliki, Makry Gialos


Places to Visit

Chrysi Beach

It is possible to visit Chrysi by sea from Ierapetra and from Myrtos.There is a nudist beach on the north coast of the island.The highest point on the island is called Kefala ("head") and it is 31m above sea-level.On the western part of the island is the chapel of Saint Nicholas (estimated to date to the 13th century).There are also a salt pan, an old port, some Minoan ruins, a lighthouse and a Roman cemetery.Due to the shallow waters around Chrysi, snorkelling and diving is a popular pastime.The Belegrina, Hatzivolakas, and Kataprosopo bays have a wide diversity of shells.It is possible to reach the island from Ierapetra between middle of May and late October.


is the site of a Minoan palace complex on the island of Crete, Greece, excavated in the early 20th century by the American archaeologist, Harriet Boyd-Hawes.Gournia lies in the municipality of Ierapetra in the prefecture of Lasithi.

Myrtos Pyrgos

is an archaeological site of the Minoan civilization near Myrtos in the municipality of Ierapetra on the south coast of Crete.This Minoan settlement on the road to Ierapetra boasts several Minoan features: a drain, paved floors and footpaths and ashlar foundation blocks for its central building.


Vasiliki is the name of a village in the municipality of Ierapetra, in the prefecture of Lasithi, on Crete, and the name of the nearby Minoan archeological site.The site took its name from the village.Vasiliki was first excavated 1903-1906 by American archaeologist R.B.Seager.Nicolas Platon continued excavations in 1953.In 1970, A.A.Zois began meticulous work that lasted until 1982, and returned to the site again in 1990 to continue the work.The Minoan village was in use from EMIIA to LMIA.From about 2500 BC onwards, the culture of Vasiliki resembled art elements as other Cretan sites such as Knossos and Trapezea based upon pottery finds.A nearby tomb from LMIII was once discovered, but the location has not been rediscovered.

Makry Gialos

Makry Gialos features the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan country house.The site is located to the west of the village.Some of the artifacts which have been excavated can be found in the Archaeological Museum in Agios Nikolaos.The site was first excavated in 1973 and 1977 by Costas Davaras.The villa in Makriyialos was in use during Late Minoan IB, and evidence indicates that it may have been used exclusively during this period.The building has a central court on the north-south axis.The area of the court is 6m x 12.5m, which is exactly four times smaller than the courts of the Minoan palaces at Phaistos, Malia, Knossos and Zakros.

Right Time to Visit

May - October