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Ikaria Island National Airport (IATA: JIK, ICAO: LGIK) is an airport on Ikaria Island, Greece.The airport was opened on June 14, 1995, with two weekly flights from Olympic Airlines, on the DO 228 aircraft.The buildings lie in an area of 1,000 Square Meters.

Key places to visit
Nas, Drakano, Castle Koskina, Museum St. Kirikou, Campos Museum


Places to Visit


Ancient city where according to mythology the Naiads lived.In ancient times there was one of the most famous shrines, dedicated to Artemis Tauropolos.From the ancient harbor remains today the waterfront and the floor of the sanctuary.Located west of Armenistis.Nash is widely known as a place for alternative tourism with many scenes are set up to be green, cool and peaceful landscape.The ancient capital of the island.Also called Dionissiadou.Traces of the wall that surrounded the town and the ruined houses of the Byzantine period.These findings are in today's Plain area.


Ancient city and is home of Dionysus.Located on the easternmost lighthouse on the island.Today ruins of the ancient castle on a hill Drakano Tower, a circular building Alexandrian era, 4th century.

Castle Koskina

Fortress Byzantine era, the work of 10th century, near the village Kosoikia the north of the island.Inside the fortress is the church of St. George Dorgana.

Museum St. Kirikou

The Archaeological Museum in neoclassical building, there are many ancient ruins, vases, columns, stone and copper tools, amphoras found on the seabed etc.A folklore museum.

Campos Museum

There are significant archaeological finds from the ruins of Wine as collections from Neolithic tools, pottery of all periods of antiquity, clay figurines, funerary reliefs, coins etc.

Right Time to Visit

March - June