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El-Bahr el-Ahmar
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By plane

Hurghada is one of the main tourism attractions on the Red Sea in Egypt. Because of that, it can be reached from major airports in Europe and the Middle East. Prices depend on the time of the booking and the airline. Most major airlines in Europe and the Middle East can fly you straight to Hurghada without having to stop in Cairo. If you are in Cairo, you can also fly to Hurghada on Egypt Air Express, which is the national airline of the country and a subsidiary of Egypt Air, which is now servicing domestic locations in Egypt. Prices vary from around 400 Egyptian Pounds to as high as 900 Egyptian Pounds depending on the seaon and depending on how early you book your tickets. The earlier you book your ticket ahead of your intended date of travel, the cheaper the price.

By boat

International Fast Ferries runs fast boats to Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai peninsula, currently running four times weekly. The ride takes 1.5 hours and costs 250/450 LE one-way/return for foreigners. Warning: this ride is notoriously bumpy and prone to cancellations. As of 24th October 2010 it is not clear if the ferry runs at all - various locals describe it as either "broken" or "not running this week due to bad weather", but it's not clear if it runs at all any more.

By bus

You can reach Hurghada by bus from Cairo. The trip usually takes approximately 7 hours depending on the operator. Known operators include the Super Jet. There are a number of Stations which include one in Medan El Giza in northwestern Cairo, Ramsis Station in downtown Cairo, or Almaza Station in the Heliopolis district in northeastern Cairo.

Key places to visit
Cairo and Luxor, Red Sea


Places to Visit

Cairo and Luxor

Visits to Cairo and Luxor, and indeed multi-stop breaks, are popular from Hurghada. Sharm-El-Sheikh and the Sinai peninsula (containing two of the oldest Christian temples in the world, St Catherine's and St Anthony's) is but a short hop away.

Red Sea

Cruise across the Red Sea to the uninhabited island of Giftun surrounded by magical coral gardens. Enjoy a lazy day on the white sand or swim amongst the coral reefs. This great day trip is hard to skip when you're in Hurghada, so don't miss out!

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December