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By plane

Oslo Airport Gardermoen (IATA: OSL) is the closest airport with bus transfer several times each day to and from Honefoss. Look for the buses marked "Askeladden"

By train

Trains pass through on their way to Bergen, Oslo and Drammen. About two hours travel time from Oslo. The train station is located just outside of town, within walking distance from the town centre. Just follow the foot-path downhill.

By bus

Buses leave every hour from Oslo Bussterminal, until late in the evening. Night-buses on the weekends. The trip takes around one and a half hours, and is worth it for the view alone. You will get a magnificent view over the great Tyrifjord Lake, one of Norway's biggest inland lakes. Make sure you get a seat on the left side of the bus when travelling from Oslo, to get the best view.
Askeladden reiser has a regular transport from Honefoss to Oslo airport Gardermoen eight times every day from 05:30 in the morning to the last return from the airport at 10:45 in the evening, except for saturdays. Check the schedule under the link "Gardermobussen".

Key places to visit
Chicken waterfalls, Honefoss Church, Begna bridge, Kvernberg Sund, Honefoss bridge, Knight Farm, Honefoss using prison


Places to Visit

Chicken waterfalls

Chicken falls were in former times an extensive scene which spread over an area that was about three times as large as the current waterfall. The waterfall was originally a number of smaller islands and three major drains, "Little Falls" or "Litle Falls" in the south, "Hogbrofossen" in the middle, and "Great Falls" ("Sigtefossen") in the north. The latter is more or less synonymous with the current drainage. Litlefossens drains was approximately where Fossveien go today, while Hogbrofossens drains lay Honefoss power station in located.

Honefoss Church

Honefoss church was a church from 1862 . It was in Honefoss in Ringerike municipality in Buskerud . The church burned to the ground on 26 in January 2010.From the fire was announced was the ten minutes the building was over lit.The church had room for approx. 350 people and was in Church Street ,on Sorsiden of the city. The church was dean seat in Ringerike prostitution and cemetery. Ringerike crematorium with burial chapel and assembly hall Honefoss church lounge is also in connection with the church site. Access to the site is via via King Street.

Begna bridge

Begna bridge or "Begna bridge" as it is fondly called by ringerikingene, is a 216 meter long railway bridge of stone that runs across Ådal River between Honefoss and Blyberghaugen in Honefoss , right on top of Hen Falls . The bridge was completed for opening a Bergen Railway in 1909 , but is now part of Roa-Honefoss line .The bridge was approved built in 1898 , at the same time it was decided that the Bergen line would go about Honefoss. Work to set up the bridge began in late autumn in 1907 and was completed for the opening of the Bergen Railway two years later. The bridge has eight spans of 21.2 feet, a span of 19 meters and one of 10.7 feet where the road went.

Kvernberg Sund

Kvernberg Sund is an old strait place at the Grand River between Eikli in previous Norderhov municipality and the old municipalities of Honefoss . Kvernberg Strait has bilbru with two lanes and sidewalks on both sides.

Honefoss bridge

Honefoss bridge, locally dubbed "Honefoss Bridge" and "City bridge" is both a veibru with three lanes and sidewalks in both directions and a street with its own house number ring.The bridge, which is one of three bridges in Honefoss , runs over Hen Falls , which can be powerful to this day. The bridge is part of Highway 35.The street starts at Fossveien and extends across the bridge to the northern turf , but the street course is now closed to all traffic at the intersection Arne Mann Road/King Street .

Knight Farm

Knight's farm is a complete loop farm from the 1700s . The old farm is beautifully situated on an isthmus where Randselva and Begna river meet, just below the Hen Falls in Honefoss in Ringerike municipality .Knight's farm is called a loop because the farm buildings situated around a natural courtyard, which itself is located in an urban area.

Honefoss using prison

Honefoss help prison or Honefoss district jail as it was called until 1904 , was built in the period 1862-1864 and is today  as a listed quarter with a very central location in downtown Honefoss city. The address is Storgata 9Architectural prison buildings are characterized by senempirestil, with hints of early Swiss style . The building is, according to Heritage a very good example of a building from this period are kept in near original style.

Right Time to Visit

October - January